Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Countdown: Cookie Baking

What?  Two Christmas countdown posts in the same day?  Well, I'm running out of time and want to squeeze in a few more posts before Weds. :)  Our traditional sugar cookie baking day was last Friday!  I found out from reading other friends' Facebook statuses this week that I am not the only mama who simultaneously loves and dreads this tradition.  I love the memories we make, and I love how excited the kids get about it, but it is a lot of work (and I only have three kids!!), and it makes a big mess!  But it's all worth it, and it definitely is getting easier as they get older. :)

watching the dough mixing

lots of cookie cutting going on!

Daddy even got in on the action for a few minutes!

happy baker :)

Sam was getting especially artistic this year . . . 

countertop winter/Christmas display

another happy baker . . . 

more of Sam's creations (the train was his own design, cut out with a knife)

fresh from the oven

Sam carefully decorating with sprinkles

taste test!

Since Jim was home that day, we got him to take a few pics of us, rather than having to use the timer!

Sam with his first finished tray of cookies
Sorry, I know that is a ton of pics, but there were so many cute ones that I had a hard time narrowing it down!

 One thing that is awesome about having a blog is that it's easy to go back and see all the other years that I documented our cookie tradition. :)  Here they are, from 2005 to last year (only lacking 2006):

I am hoping to continue this tradition as long as we still have kids at home . . . so someday we will have a LOT more pictures to compare!  It is also neat to see how our kitchen has gotten a little more finished almost every year in the pictures.  Maybe by next year we'll have more trim and switch plates! :)

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