Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A post a day--Dec. 18: Cookie baking time!

This is going to pretty much be a picture post. :)  The kids and I had our annual Christmas cookie baking spree today!  In spite of the gloomy weather outside, we had lots of fun inside as we listened to Christmas music and cut and decorated cookies.  Well, the kids did most of the work.  I just made the dough and helped with rolling, baking, etc. :)  We all had a lot of fun.  I love this special time every year with my three little chefs!!
Hard at work . . .

Sorry for all the group shots, but there were so many funny expressions/poses, that I couldn't resist. :)

Tasting the fruits of their labors . . . :)

Tonight the kids got to go out with Grampa and Grammy for an outing to some fun stores, McDonald's, and they even got to have ice cream sundaes!  And Jim and I got out too, for a much-needed date night.   I think the last one we had was in September!  So it was VERY nice to get out.  We went to Chili's and ate way too much yummy food. :)  Unfortunately the self-taken pics of the two of us that I tried to get came out all blurry.   Jim took this one of me which is a little fuzzy, but anyway . . . you can see that I was enjoying our date. :)  (And no, the restaurant wasn't tipped on its side--it's just the way Jim took the picture. ;))

I also wanted to mention that our littlest niece Hannah turned one year old today!  Happy Birthday, Hannah!  We can't wait to see you again next summer. :)

Well, time to stop the chatter and get myself to bed.  Hope you enjoyed this peek into our day!

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Mrs. Smith said...

I very much enjoyed seeing your day, and I believe those are three of the cutest little chefs that I have ever seen! The chef hats and aprons on them is totally adorable too boot! It looks like a fun day all around for the entire family and I'm so glad that you posted all the pictures. Tell Jim that I like his Dutch angle shot of you--very creative! Chili's, yum! I must go there soon!