Saturday, December 29, 2012

A post a day--Dec. 29: A new health & fitness challenge

I've been trying to decide when to start on the next 8 week health & fitness challenge . . . and I've made up my mind to begin this Monday, December 31!!  This will get me off to a fresh start right at the beginning of the new year, which sounds like a good time to jump in.  I know of at least one friend joining in this time, and anyone else who would like to . . . please feel free!! The official first weigh-in will be tomorrow, Dec. 30, and the food journal tracking, etc. begins on Monday.  If you participate, you do not need to share your weight with anyone, or what you eat . . . just keep track of your own points and pounds lost, and then we share those results with each other once a week.

I'm not expecting super results for my first week since we have New Year's Eve in there, plus I haven't gotten our Christmas tree down yet, so my living room set-up isn't conducive to exercising at the moment.  Hopefully we'll get it put back to normal over the weekend, or early next week.  But I definitely need to cut back on the sugar and start food journaling again.  These are two things that help me a LOT and the sooner I get started, the better.  :)

I weighed in once this week and I had gained back about a pound over the holidays . . . we'll see how tomorrow's weigh-in goes.  The damage wasn't as bad as I expected it could be. :)  I would like to get back in better shape over the next couple months, since I've really let exercise go lately, and I know I need to ditch the sugar to help get my energy levels up.  For anyone who wants to jump into the challenge with me, here is the info I posted last time.  You can read that post and it'll save me re-posting the same info all over again. :)  I'll be using the same printables from Six Sisters' Stuff, but we are not making it a monetary challenge--although I'd love to do little prizes if I can think of something fun to do for that.

So, here we go!  If you want to join in, get your running shoes on and get ready to challenge yourself! :)


Tracy said...

Carrie, I will plan to join you on this weight loss challenge. Can you let me know what I have to do? I will keep track of my food at I'm excited about seeing how much weight I can take off in the next two months! Hopefully it will be a great jumpstart to losing the last of my 26 pounds.

Carrie said...

Yay, Tracy! Thanks for joining in! All you have to do is keep track of your points using the printables you can find here (in a link somewhere in the post):
You get points for things like exercise, drinking water, eating fruits and veggies, etc. Since you're already food journaling using, you can just count that and not bother to use the printable journal pages unless you want to.

Just send me an email every Sun. night with your total points for the week and pounds lost, and I will keep a tally. You can keep track yourself, too, of course. :) I'll just keep track of everyone who is doing it (I think there are 4 of us joining in this time) and I'll keep everyone updated on how we're doing. You are also welcome to check in with me daily if you want the points for that (it is 1 point per day). We just kinda do that as we have time. My email is jimandcarrie99 AT gmail DOT com.

Hope that helps--feel free to email me with any other questions. :) You are doing fantastic with the weight loss, by the way--way to go!!

Tracy said...

I'll try to either e-mail or message On Facebook (whichever I think of first). Thank you for offering this challenge.