Sunday, December 30, 2012

A post a day--Dec. 30: Snow much fun!

Yesterday we ended up with around 6-8" of fresh snow. A LOT of time was spent outside!! :)  I went out with the kids for an hour or so (they stayed out for at least two), then Jim went out again with them later in the afternoon and spent quite a while longer.  It is great sliding snow!

Who says winter sports have to be expensive?  The kids had great fun on their snowboards that we found at the dump. :)  OK, Josiah's didn't work so well, but Sam's was nice and fast!
And our old runner sleds work beautifully on this kind of snow!
Julia is SO much braver than she has been any other winter.  
Looking down the hill
Of course, the best thing to do after playing outside is come in for hot chocolate!

Something else funny happened yesterday.  Julia lost another tooth!  This one was one of the ones that was capped after her accident a couple years ago.  It always looked a little funny because it was whiter than the others (because of the cap).  It's been getting loose lately, and yesterday she mentioned that it was a lot looser.  She said, "I think if I eat a Hershey's, it might make my tooth come out!"  Sure enough . . . she bit into the chocolate, pushed up with her tongue against the chocolate (which was against her tooth), and it popped right out!  She had quite the surprised look on her face when she realized it worked. :)  
Chocolate in one hand, tooth in the other:
Close-up of the new hole in her mouth (the space to the left of her top front tooth)
Can you believe I only have one day to go in my "post a day" challenge?   It's been fun thinking of things to write about, and there are actually quite a few ideas I haven't had time to use yet.  Hopefully this will inspire me to blog more in the new year!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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