Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Homesick for blogging

I NEED to get back to blogging!!!  I know I say that almost every time I finally post something, but the truth is that I am really getting homesick for it.  Today I was looking back on some posts from a few years ago because I wanted to go back and see how we had made our little resurrection gardens around Easter time.  When I saw those posts...and how much I'd recorded from our day-to-day life...it made me sad that over the past couple years I just haven't made the time to record the memories.  To be honest, lately homeschooling has been taking a ton of time, and my days have been chock full.  Teaching three kids in three different grades, while chasing a busy toddler around and trying to keep up with housework, laundry, and dishes, is really challenging me.  (I don't know how you moms of many get anything done!!!)  If it's not school, it's running errands or taking the kids to various events and outings and get-togethers with friends.  All of these are GOOD things and things that we love to do!  But how to make time to get on here (when my arms aren't full of a little girl, which makes it hard to do anything other than read stuff online) and actually post about all the things that make up our life...other than late at night (like right now)...that's the tricky part.  But I really want to somehow fit it in, even if just once a week, maybe on a Saturday or sometime when Jim can watch the kids for a bit so I have a little free time at the keyboard.  Because these days are fleeting, and I'm going to be so sad one day if I don't have much to look back on from these more recent years!

At the moment, the house is quiet.  Everyone is in bed but me...I finally got Ari down a few minutes ago.  She is not the world's best sleeper and has never slept longer than 6 or maybe 7 hours at one time (I can count on one hand the number of times she has--possibly--slept that long).  She starts off the night in her pack 'n play in the boys' room and sleeps anywhere from 1 to 3ish hours before waking, when one of us gets her and brings her back to bed with us (or Sam brings her in!).  Then she sleeps with us or crawls into her cosleeper from our bed, still nursing occasionally through the night.  She's fast outgrowing the cosleeper, so that won't really be an option for her much longer.  My plan is to work on her sleep habits through the summer, but right now it's not a fight I feel like working on. :)  This way I still get a decent amount of sleep, but boy, do I dream of the night when a good straight 8 (or even 7!) hours is normal for me again.
 (And this is little girl is just so sweet that I can't begrudge her the lost sleep...most of the time, anyway. ;))
I have lots of things I could write about, but since it's late and I need to get to bed asap, for tonight I will just share a picture collage from our little hike last Saturday.  I had a to-do list of all kinds of things I needed to tackle that day, but instead we decided that we needed a "mental health" day much more.  So we packed a few snacks and some water, loaded Ari in the backpack, and headed out back to the national forest land, where we proceeded to have a wonderful adventure.  Jim showed us a lot of the places he's hunted over the past few years, we explored old cellar holes, waterfalls and rocks...it was just such a good afternoon.  We came home in much better spirits than when we left!  So thankful for the gift of nature just outside our door, and adventure for the taking.

Hoping to pop in again soon... Till next time!


Mrs.T said...

So wonderful that you could carve out a few minutes for blogging! Your hike looked wonderful. Maybe sometime Grampa and I could join you in an explore! I'll put "blogging time for Carrie" on my prayer page for you.

Nikki said...

I know exactly how hard it is to find blogging time these days. I never get it all done. If we have a good school day the house falls apart. :) We do what we can and don't worry about the rest. The last year has seen many changes in our family. What we do , where and who we spend our time with. The older our children get our activities have changed up a bit. Although, we still have our littles we have a lot more help too. I have always enjoyed blogging but some days there is just not enough hours in the day. I pop in here while nursing the baby. I can't seem to blog and nurse though. I am always happy to peek into your day though.
Our Laura is not the best sleeper either. She rarely will sleeps for more than 15 minutes at a time during the day. ( Unless I can nap with her.) I know that this too is just a season and someday there will be more time for sleep. Today, I would rather just cuddle my baby. :)