Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ari inside and outside

This little person is rapidly approaching 15 months old!  I wanted to share a few recent pics that capture a little bit of her personality.  She is such a clown--definitely takes after her big sister in that way--and loves to ham it up for the camera!!  I made her an Angry Birds "Stella" hat because each of her older siblings has a hat in that theme as well, and sometimes she wants me to put it on so she can wear it around inside the house.  Sorry these pics are a bit fuzzy, but you can see how she likes to be silly!

 She also has recently starting loving the outdoors.  Today when the big kids went to put their snow clothes on, she brought me her snowpants too, so I bundled her up and had them take her outside for a while.  Jim got home soon after, so he went out to play with them too, and got a few pics while Sam was pushing her around in a toy dump truck. :)

Such a happy girl!!

I'll try to do a better update post about Ari soon, with milestones and such, but for now I just wanted to put up a few pics to remember these fun moments with her. :)


Kathleen :-) said...

She is SOOOO Adorable and funny, and sweet, and smart!!!!! :-) So fun she enjoys being out, and so fun the older ones enjoy having her!!!! :-)

Mrs.T said...

Oh, how cute she is! That hat turned out adorable. Great job!