Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter pictures

Just popping in to share a few pictures from Easter!  This was the first Easter in several years that we had pretty warm weather (at least by late afternoon) and it wasn't super chilly taking pictures of everyone outdoors.  

Ari had fallen asleep on the way home from church, and we had to wake her up to take pictures...thus the less-than-thrilled expression.  Poor girl!  Jim was doing his best to make her smile.
 She still looked a little grumpy in some of the pics, but it could be worse. :)

It was too much trouble to try to get a whole family picture this year, as we were taking them quickly after we got home, and everyone was eager to change to comfy clothes and get ready for supper (our church service is in the afternoon).  So we took a few with just Jim, Ari, and me after we got shots of the four kids together.
 I had made a new skirt for Easter from my favorite easy pattern, and was happy with how it turned out.  I didn't make special outfits for the girls this year, but they both had new-to-them clothes from the thrift store. :)  My sweater and top were both thrifted, too.  More and more of my clothes come from there, and now I hate paying full price for anything!
 As you can see, by this time Ari was happy again (especially because she got Mommy and Daddy), and we got some cute smiles out of her.
I hope each of you had a blessed Easter, celebrating our Savior's resurrection.  It's one of my very favorite holidays because it's such a meaningful day to me as a Christian.  Because He lives, we can live also!  What an amazing truth.


Mrs.T said...

Yay! You found a bit of time for blogging. An answer to prayer! Great pictures and a meaningful post.

Kathleen :-) said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Looks like you had fun!!!!

Nikki said...

Such nice pictures. :) You have so much talent for sewing. It amazes me.