Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Julia's birthday list

Apparently Julia has inherited her mommy's love of making lists.  

Her birthday isn't till the end of April, but she has it all planned out!


Kathleen said...

How Cute!!!! :-) She is a girl that knows what she wants!!!! :-) I Love that she has listed Games too!!!!

Mrs. Smith said...

Priceless!!!! :D What a cutie pie!!!! I love this post!!!

Carrie said...

Kathleen--yep, she knows what she wants! Not sure that we will able to play ALL those games on one day, though!! ;)

Mrs. Smith--thanks! I couldn't resist sharing it. :) It was all her own idea to make the list, although she asked me how to spell a few words (but obviously not others!). :)