Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Maternity clothes for sale!

Okay, I know this is a long shot, since I don't think I have many pregnant readers right now . . . but I figured I'd give it a try before posting these on a Facebook yard sale group, or Ebay. :)  Maybe someone knows someone who would be interested . . . Anyway, seeing as my "baby" is going on 6 years old, I think it is past time to sell these!  They are all in good used condition, all size M or L.  Most brands are Motherhood, In Due Time, Oh Baby!, and a few Old Navy, etc.  These are good fall/winter/early spring clothes (my babies were born in March/April).  And yes, I know it's a little late to be selling fall/winter maternity. :)  I meant to get these listed ages ago . . . and LAST year too . . . finally dug them all out of storage about a month ago, then I got sick, so anyway . . . I'm going to attempt to get rid of them while it's still actually winter, but if it doesn't work, I'll put them back in storage and try again next year. :)

Gray Motherhood jumper, size M: $5
Black velvet dress, Motherhood,size M: $10 (only because it's newer and I wore it just handful of times!)

Gray turtleneck sweater, Motherhood, size M: $4
Light green Old Navy sweater, size M: $2 (this one has a lot of pilling--would probably come off just fine with one of those sweater shaver thingies)

Periwinkle blue turtleneck sweater, Motherhood, size L: $4
Hooded gray zip-up cardigan, Motherhood, size L: $4
Navy blue v-neck sweater, Old Navy, size L: $3 (there is some pilling on this one too)

Blue turtleneck, Take Nine, size L: $3
Striped turtleneck, Motherhood, size M: $3

Plum (kinda?) button up shirt, Liz Lange, size L: $3
Denim button up shirt, 3/4 sleeve, In Due Time, size L: $3
Black/white striped dressy shirt with ribbon tie, 3/4 sleeve, Oh Baby!, size L: $3

Green "suede-feel" snap-up dressy shirt, kind of like a little jacket, Baby & Me, size M: $4
Light blue button up shirt, Oh Baby!, size M: $3
Blue/tan plaid button up shirt, 3/4 sleeve, unknown size (tag is gone, but I'm guessing M): $3
 Khaki skirt with front slit, Motherhood, size M: $2 (has a small stain)
Dark gray heather skirt, Motherhood, size M: $4
Black skirt, Motherhood, size M: $4
(both gray and black skirts are soft, stretchy material--very comfy)

Khaki cargo pants, Liz Lange, size 12: $4
Khaki pants, In Due Time, size M: $2 (these have a small stain)
Black dressy pants, Baby & Me, size M: $4
 Dark blue jeans, Two Hearts Maternity, size L: $4
Regular blue jeans, Old Navy, size L: $3

Or you could buy the whole kit & kaboodle (23 pieces) for $50!! 
None of these prices include shipping, of course.  If you happen to be local(ish) we can meet up . . . or I can ship the cheapest way possible.  So if anyone out there in blog land happens to be interested, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment with a way to get in touch with you.  I am also open to offers! :)  These are all older items, 6-10 years old, but have plenty of life left . . . and while I realize these aren't all the "in" brands that people are buying these days,  they are cheap! :)


Kathleen said...

I think it is a great idea trying to sell these from your Blog, first! Hope you have some takers!!!! :-) All the clothes look to be in great condition, and from what I remember of them, they were all cute and looked comfy!!!! :-)

Carrie said...

Yes, I figured this was worth a shot! I've already had some interest--just waiting to hear back from someone to see if she wants them or not. Otherwise I have another lady who is interested in a couple of the things, so that is nice! :)