Wednesday, November 13, 2013

30 Days of Thankfulness: November 13

Today I'm thankful for the privilege of homeschooling!  Not that it's always easy, mind you.  Or that I'm some kind of expert (HA!).  But I'm just thankful that I get to spend concentrated time with my kiddos, that I get to learn along with them, and that we can be flexible when I decide we need a break. :)  Today I had a lot of cooking and baking to do, and I got a later start than I had planned . . . meanwhile the kids were happily playing away in the boys' room with their Hot Wheels cars.  I started cooking, debated with myself a bit, and then went and asked them if they'd like a day off.  After all, the public schools got Monday off and we still did school, so this was our holiday for the week. :)  I think it was a break we all needed.  I didn't feel stressed about the things I needed to do, we got to the library on time for storytime, and best of all I had supper all prepped early so we were able to eat on time!  No, the house isn't spotless and no actual school books were opened today, but our bodies and minds are refreshed.  And they watched a few episodes of Liberty's Kids, so a little learning took place anyway. :)    
There are lots of things to love about homeschooling, but this is the one I wanted to share for today!

And on a different note, would you please pray for my sweet friend Mrs. Smith (she blogs over at Sweet Tea & Simplicity) tomorrow as she will be having surgery early in the morning?  I know she would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for her peace of mind, a successful surgery, and a good recovery.  Thanks so much!!

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Billie Jo said...

Sounds perfect!
One of the reasons we decided to begin homeschooling this year...and we are loving it. : )

And I am joining you in prayer for Mrs. Smith. ..

Have a cozy evening!