Saturday, May 25, 2013

Rainy Saturday ramblings

We have had so much rain this week--almost every single day, or if not during the day, we get it at night!  I'm not complaining though; we needed the rain.  However, I won't mind seeing the sun again either (hopefully soon)! :)

Today has been good.  We started out meeting my parents for breakfast out at one of their favorite local restaurants.  What a fun treat!!  We almost never go out for breakfast (unless it is with them :)) so it was a lot of fun.  The kids all liked their food and we even came home with leftovers!  Jim and I took two cars there because he had to go to work right after, so the kids and I went and got a few groceries and then did a little thrift store shopping.  :)  I was excited to find an LL Bean jean skirt that looks brand new, for $3!  I thought it was funny that it had a Goodwill tag attached, but the store I was at was not Goodwill--just a little local thrift store. :)  I also found a nice belt, which is something that's been on my mental list of things I need, but I never remember to look for.  I wanted something that could dress up an outfit if I wanted to wear it over a shirt or cardigan, but would also work for holding up droopy jeans or capris if I need it to.  I was happy with the one I got and it was only 50 cents. :)

Then we came home, and the kids and I did some housecleaning.  We spent about 30-45 minutes on each of their rooms and got them nice and neat (yay!), straightened up our bedroom, and cleaned both the bathrooms (minus showers/tub) and vacuumed the kitchen and entry.  There is still more straightening up and vacuuming that could be done, but I decided it was time for a break.  The kids all went outside to play (it's not raining right now) so I thought I should take advantage of the quiet house. :)  (Of course as soon as I typed that, Josiah came in . . . )

In other news . . . we have a broody hen!!!!  One of our two remaining Buckeyes decided to start sitting on some eggs this week. :)  We're not sure how many are under there, but we're thinking between 2-4.  Doesn't she look fierce? ;)  Every time we stick some more food or water in there she kind of "growls" at us, but thankfully she hasn't tried pecking anybody yet!

School is going well and we're almost done for the year.  Yay!!!  We have 2 more weeks of read-alouds, and Julia has 2 days of math, 8 days of handwriting, and about 31ish lessons left in her reading book (which we will finish up during the summer).  Sam has 3 days of spelling, 8 days of handwriting, and a little bit of language to finish.  And then we have to do achievement testing sometime--I'm thinking about doing the online version of the CAT this year.  I've been thrilled with how much Julia has blossomed in her reading lately--it suddenly started to click, and now she's reading pretty much everything in sight!    So cool.  And next year I get to start all over again with Josiah! :)

I've been in skirt making mode lately and I hope to blog about that soon!  I need to wait for the weather to get a little nicer so Julia and I can put on our newest matching skirts and go outside for some pictures. :)  I got some jersey knit fabrics with my birthday money and the skirts I made yesterday with some of it are SO comfy.  I also went to a Walmart last week that still has a fabric section (which ours does not--boohoo!) and got some really cute red fabric to make more matching skirts for the two of us. :)  Or if I have enough, I can do a skirt for me and a sleeveless dress for Julia . . . we'll have to see how far I can make the fabric go!  I wanted to get 3 yards, but there wasn't quite that much on the bolt, so I got all they had.

Well, I suppose I should go figure out something for supper . . . hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! :)


Mrs. Smith said...

I enjoyed catching up with you and reading about your day. Breakfast with your parents and then thrifting with success sounds so nice! I love getting out early in the day, although I don't very often, but when I do manage to accomplish it, I'm always so glad I did. Especially on Saturdays when we get to rummage, eat lunch out... Hope you all had a great weekend!

1HappyWife said...

I love your rambley, catch up posts that peak in on what you have all been up to! I can't wait to see your sewing projects! Your kitchen looks so nice. What wonderful blessings! Happy very late birthday to all your April birthdays and to Jim too.
Love, from a delinquent comment-or :(!