Saturday, April 27, 2013

New blessings in my kitchen

Within the past week I've been really excited to gain two new additions to my kitchen!  First of all, I've been wanting a trash cabinet for quite a while.  I wanted the little bit of extra counter space it would provide, plus hiding our unsightly trash can sounded like a nice idea! :)  Jim started working on one months ago, but had set it aside for other projects . . . he finally got back to it and finished it up last Saturday!  
 I LOVE it . . . and especially the beautiful oak/cherry top that is soooo pretty!  Yes, it still needs a handle--we didn't have any left from the kitchen cabinets, so we'll have to order one. :)
 The other new thing is the pretty cabinet below.  Here's the fun backstory: For the past couple years, I've had the kids' school workbooks stored on the end of the green counter.  It's handy to the table, so even though it cluttered up the counter, I figured it was worth it for the convenience.  Last Saturday when I was cleaning up the kitchen, Jim commented how it would be nice to move all the books and gain some more counter space, but we didn't really have a convenient place that was still close to the table.  I suggested he could eventually build me a small bookshelf to put at the end of the counter, and figured that would be a "someday" project.
 Well, fast-forward to this past Wednesday.  One day Jim came home from work, and mentioned that there was a cabinet in the back of the car that he had forgotten about.  A furniture builder who Jim's boss buys stuff from had been getting rid of it (no idea why, it's really nice!) and offered it to Jim.  So it had been sitting in the car since sometime the week before we were talking about wanting to put a bookshelf in this spot.  Jim didn't think it was deep enough to hold the school books . . . but when we brought it in and tried it out, it was the perfect size!!!  And we even have space left over to fill with more books and things. :)  It's so neat how God cares about the little details . . . and I am still laughing over the fact that this cabinet was in the back of the car the whole time we were talking about needing something to put in this spot. :)
 The kids also think it is a fun place to stash stuffed animals and toys.  Look who was hiding in the school books! :)
I'm so thankful to have these new blessings that are helping me keep the kitchen neater and more organized.  It's very handy having a carpenter for a hubby . . . and his furniture delivery job also comes in handy, as we have been blessed with several different free pieces through that!


Nikki said...

I love blessings like that!! Your kitchen looks so nice and organized.

Mrs. Smith said...

I love your kitchen!!

I just wanted to stop by today and wish you a Happy Mother's Day, dear friend!! I hope you have a great one!!