Saturday, April 27, 2013

Guess who had a birthday?!

Yes, this little guy turned 5 this week!!!  He was quite excited about his birthday for weeks ahead of time, and spent the last week counting down the days. :)  Although we didn't have his "real" party until last night, we did have cupcakes on Weds. since it was his actually birthday.  I made "dirt" cupcakes with gummy worms . . . they were a big hit! 

Silly boy!
 Apparently he's not the only silly one around here . . . ;)
 He opened one present on Weds--this beanie baby lizard.
 From last night's party . . . opening a box of gummy treats from Grampa and Grammy!
 With his lollipop cake (a recent Family Fun magazine idea), which he helped to decorate!
 Blowing out the candle!
Josiah is such a fun little man and a wonderful blessing to our family.  As I've reflected a bit on his 5 years of life so far, I have been overwhelmed with thankfulness that God put him into our family.  He knew just exactly who we needed for our third child. :)  Josiah is a mostly easy-going, fun-loving little sweetie.  He makes me laugh almost every day!!  

Happy birthday to you, buddy-boy! We love you so much!

{And coming up on Monday . . . we get to party all over again for Julia's birthday! :)}

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