Wednesday, June 06, 2012

May update and June goals

So, I'm running just a *little* bit late getting my monthly goals posted. Oh well, better late than never! Here were my (slightly ambitious) goals for last month, and how things went:

  • Lose 2-3 pounds--No, as I'm sure you already could tell from my fitness goals post!
  • Drink lots of water and limit sugar--Did great with the water part, and fairly well with the sugar part.
  • Begin the 30 Day Shred--DONE! I'm now almost 2/3 of the way through this.
  • Have a monthly date night--DONE! Yay . . . I love date nights!
  • Read at least 2 books (what I'm planning right now are: The Messenger (fiction) and another non-fiction book which I haven't totally decided on yet)--DONE! My books for this month were The Messenger, and Up: A Mother and Daughter's Peakbagging Adventure.
  • Sewing project: spring/summer skirt for me--Nope, didn't get any sewing done at all.
  • DIY project: embellish t-shirt for me--DONE! Photo to come in a future post.
  • Have friends over for playdates and/or supper--DONE!
  • Spring clean two rooms--DONE! (Hopefully I'll get a post up about this soon, too.)
  • Put away kids' winter clothes/get out summer clothes--Mostly done. I went through the closet and some of the drawers, but I'm not completely done yet.
  • Complete challenge on!
  • Plant our veggie garden--DONE! (As of last Friday. :))
And here are my new goals for June . . . a bit shorter of a list this time, as I decided to keep my list of health/fitness goals separate from here on.
  • Have a monthly date
  • Have friends over for playdates and/or supper (really hoping to work out a supper this month!)
  • Complete 1 DIY project (no idea yet what this will be)
  • Complete at least 1-2 sewing projects
  • Deep clean 2 rooms/areas
  • Make daily quiet time a priority
  • Begin piano lessons with Sam and Julia
  • Read 1-2 books. A bit of explanation: up to this month, I've been averaging 2-3 books read per month. Over the summer, I have two very large books about homeschooling that I want to read, so I'm changing my goal a bit. I want to read one fiction book this month (The Fiddler, by Beverly Lewis), and get through as much of Educating the Wholehearted Child as possible. Plus I plan to finish reading Chasing Mona Lisa aloud to Jim. Basically I'd like to have around 4-5 books under my belt by the end of summer, but since two of them are really big and are "heavier" reads than fiction, I'm trying not to bite off more than I can chew. :)
And I think that is all for this month . . . I hope to make some good progress now that the wonderful days of summer have arrived!

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