Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Baby Robins, Day 12

Sorry I ended up missing several days of baby robin development . . . our weather here has been so rainy and gloomy that I had a hard time taking any decent pictures since Sunday! I tried several times, but in order to take these photos I have to do it without a flash . . . and the ones with poor lighting were all coming out way too blurry. Even today I had a hard time getting any really good ones, but that is partly because the babies are all filling up the nest so much that I have a difficult time getting them all in one photo. This is the best I got:If you look closely, you can see at least a little bit of each bird, but the ones near the bottom of the photo are "washed out" and hard to see. They are getting really noisy now. We can hear them from inside the house, when the screen door is open. Every time they get fed, they get very excited. :) I expect they will start taking off anytime from now until Sunday . . . their tail feathers don't look quite ready yet, but I don't think it will be long. The nest is definitely getting crowded at this point!

Sam said he just wishes he could hold one of them. I have to admit, so do I! They are so cute and soft looking. I'm very grateful we got this up-close look at another robin family this summer. Maybe they will raise another family here later, too . . . the more the merrier! :)

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