Thursday, June 07, 2012

Grilled Chicken Sandwich Recipe

I am usually the kind of girl who sticks to a recipe for most things, but last night I invented a recipe! :) Okay, it was super simple and really not anything that special, but these were yummy enough that I wanted to share (and this way I have a record of what I did, so I can look back here on the blog if I forget :)).

First, I cooked a couple of chicken breasts in olive oil. (The grill would also work well, but I used the stove.) I sprinkled both sides with Montreal Chicken Seasoning and a little sea salt as they cooked. When they were done, I sliced them up and set them aside.

Then I mixed up some spicy mayo (mayo with a dash of Buffalo wing sauce--or any other kind of hot sauce--and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper). (This is also a fantastic dip for sweet potato fries--just saying. :)) And I sliced some mozzarella, and heated up a little bacon on the griddle (I had some leftover in the freezer).

Next, I sliced and buttered some sandwich buns and toasted them on the griddle too. Once they were all nice and crispy, I spread on the mayo, piled on the chicken, mozzarella and bacon, added the top bun and microwaved them a little bit just to melt the cheese. And these were YUMMY, I tell you! And pretty easy, too! They would also be a great way to use up leftover chicken. The kids skipped the mayo and had theirs with ketchup, but overall these were a pretty good crowd-pleaser. Hope you will enjoy too, if you happen to try them!


Mrs.T said...

Oh, these sound SO GOOD! Good for you developing your own recipe! And I like the sound of that spicy mayo. Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

Oh Carrie those sound soooooo good. The next time we find a deal on chicken I think we will try them. :) I have never tried adding hot sauce to my mayo but we will now. Thanks for the recipe. :) That is funny that you usually stick to a recipe....I rarely do. :)

syds1girl said...

YUM! that sounds like a wonderful summer sandwich, hearty too! Will try this for sure. Yes, the spicy mayo will be one of the first things I try! Thanks!

Mrs. Smith said...

I could dive into that right now! Looks very yummy! I am going to add that to a treasured cookbook that a special someone - and fabulous cook - sent me! ;)