Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day pictures and randomness

I hope all the dads out there had a nice Father's Day! We tried to make Jim's day a little special, although he was the one who cooked the big breakfast (I helped :)). It's become a bit of a tradition for him to make a nice breakfast each Sunday since we don't have church until the afternoon. He usually makes scrambled eggs and hashbrowns, and sometimes sausage or bacon. I get the easy job of making the toast. :) After breakfast, we brought out his presents and card. We gave him a neat personalized card that I got as a freebie from someplace online, which he really seemed to enjoy. We also got him the "Courageous" DVD, a small devotional book, and a t-shirt that the kids and I had decorated, using some ideas I found online. The back is specially made for a "massage" (the kids can drive their trains and cars around on it to give the massage :)).
Later we went to church, and then that evening my parents and Grampa came over for supper. It was such a nice day, we decided to eat outside, and everyone enjoyed that! Our friend Paula came over later, and we convinced her to share dessert with us. :) So all in all it was a really nice, relaxing day.
I also thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of a luna moth that we found last week. The kids found it Monday night, stuck in a tub of water on our deck. They rescued it and moved it to the picnic table. The next morning we found it clinging to this bench on our deck.
The poor thing wasn't in very good shape, and we ended up moving it to our butterfly "house" that we raised butterflies in last year. I looked online to find out what to feed it, and discovered that luna moths don't even eat at all--they have no mouth! They only live for about a week and their only purpose in life is apparently to mate and lay eggs. (And I guess one other purpose is to be beautiful . . . at least I think they are. :)) By evening the moth had died, but we sure did enjoy the chance to get to observe this special piece of God's creation.

In other nature-news, we discovered today that Mama Robin is already sprucing up her nest, getting ready to raise another family! She hasn't laid any eggs yet, but she was quite busy today with housecleaning. :) So we are excited to get to observe our fourth robin family in this nest (in the past 2 years).

And take a look at this picture. What do you suppose we are getting ready for in 2 more days? (Some of you already know, and I bet the rest of you can guess! :))


Mrs. Smith said...

Hi dear friend,
I enjoyed catching up with you through your post this evening and seeing the pictures. The grins on Sam and Julia's faces watching their dad with the t-shirt are priceless! Hope your week is going good! Hugs to you!

Mary Ann said...

I'm going to guess you're getting ready for some chicks?
It sounds like you had a really nice Father's Day Sunday. I'm glad - those family times are so important & refreshing.
I love to eat outside - my dad always says that food tastes better in the fresh air :-)
And I agree; luna moths are quite beautiful but I'm sad that they have such a short, limited lifespan. Kind of like cicadas but much prettier :-)

syds1girl said...

So nice to see your parents and Grandpa there! It's been quite a while. The luna moths are truly beautiful and I did not know that about them...imagine, not even being able to eat for a week!! yikes. I am glad that we are born with mouths! Glad Jim had a good Father's Day too.

1HappyWife said...

Joe just walked in and saw you all at the picnic table and said that he recognized that place :). You have such a wonderful spot for eating :).

Looks like a wonderful Father's Day!
The smiles on the kids faces are so precious :).

Carrie said...

Thanks, ladies, for all the comments! Sorry I am so bad about replying!

Mrs. S--yes, I love the looks on their faces in that pic!! Captured at the perfect moment. :)

Mary Ann--you are right about the chicks!! Hopefully I will be blogging about them tomorrow.

Cyndi-- I am so glad that we were able to spend time with my parents and Grampa, and that I still have 2 grandparents living (one on each side)--it is a great blessing! Glad you enjoyed seeing them all. :)

Joey, I think you guys need to come visit us again! Can't believe it's been three years already since you were here. It would be fun to get together again, one of these days!! That is neat that Joe remembered it from the picture.