Sunday, May 06, 2012


Recently, two Very Important People in our house had birthdays, and I hadn't yet had a chance to post about them! But I didn't want these special occasions to go unnoticed.

First, Josiah turned four, almost 2 weeks ago now. And then Julia turned six, last Sunday. Although we haven't yet had time to have a fun family outing like we did for Sam's birthday (Jim has been too busy with work), we did have a nice little party for both of them together. One of Josiah's presents was a super hero cape that his Grammy made. (She has made one for each of our kids this year.)
Here you can see the back of it with the logo "SJ" for "Super Josiah!" :)
Another favorite gift was a toy skidsteer.
And he loved his sand castle cake!!
Julia got some neat gifts, too, including a flower planting set . . .
and a purple super hero cape!
Here is the birthday girl with her crown birthday cake. It was a very "royal" birthday for both of them!
We are so thankful for both Julia and Josiah and the blessing they are in our lives. We pray that they will grow up to love Jesus with all their hearts and that God will use them in great ways for His glory! Happy Birthday, Julia and Josiah!

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