Sunday, May 06, 2012

Spring clean with me!

Okay, last week I listed a goal of deep cleaning two rooms this month. I had big plans to start on the laundry room last week, and the week got away from me. I have yet to start on the laundry room. It is a Big Mess. In fact, I am really quite embarrassed to post a "before" picture. But I will, in the interest of accountability (and perhaps it'll help some of you feel really good about how clean your laundry rooms look!).
Our laundry room is quite small, and it (along with the other small room beside it) becomes a catch-all for "stuff." Things that really don't belong, but don't have a home anywhere else. My goal for this week is to empty out the laundry room, clear out the clutter and find new homes for things, and scrub the floor, sink, window, and the tops of the washer and dryer. I especially want to find a new storage spot for the vacuum, since I am always tripping over it. Tripping over things while trying to do laundry does not exactly make for a fun chore. :)

So, who's with me? Anyone else want to jump in and clean your laundry room/closet/area this week?

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1HappyWife said...

It is my sewing room and connecting hall that is our catch all :( because it is on the third floor and I have a bad habit of saying to the kids put it neatly up there till I can get to it :(. Can't wait to see your end results :).