Friday, November 11, 2011

This & That . . .

I'm pretty sure I have at least half a dozen posts titled "This & That." :) Oh well . . . that's my life, I guess!

We've been having a few "different" days here, as Josiah came down with some kind of fever/tummy bug yesterday. I actually thought at first that he might have a UTI, because he said it hurt to go potty. So we took a quick trip to town to get some OJ and frozen blueberries, and I was trying to really push the fluids . . . only to find out later that apparently it was actually his tummy that was hurting. He was feverish through the night and threw up a couple of times . . . he ended up sleeping with us for the second half of the night, which meant less sleep for us, but that's OK. Today he's seemed totally fine and isn't feverish anymore, and is keeping down food and fluids. Strange. The other weird thing is that I didn't feel too well last night either, I felt like I was running a temp and had a headache for the second day in a row. Today I feel fine, just tired. Needless to say, we have skipped school for the past 2 days and the kids are watching a lot more movies than usual! We were supposed to go grocery shopping for my Grampa this morning since my parents are out of town, but I let him know I would have to do it tonight or tomorrow instead. He said he still has plenty of food, so not to worry. :)

Due to all the extra snuggle time with Josiah, I got a lot of personal reading done while the kids were watching movies. :) I just finished a really fun fiction book called Wonderland Creek (review to come soon!) . . . it was one of those that I was sad to finish because it was such a good story. I also received a preview copy of The Money Saving Mom's Budget to review for my blog, and I'm nearly halfway through that. I can't wait to share more about it with you all--review to come in Dec/Jan!

Earlier this week I finally tackled a project I'd been putting off for months (literally): cleaning out and organizing the kids' dressers. I'm embarrassed to say that Josiah (who is currently wearing size 3T) still had some 18-24 mo. size clothes in his drawers. No wonder they were so packed that I couldn't fit everything in!! Everything is much neater now, but I still have to take all of the outgrown clothes down to storage. Some of Julia's hand-me-downs are going to a friend, and I took a few things into the consignment store yesterday to earn some more store credit.

Now I need to tackle another project I've been putting off for a few weeks: making Julia a skirt for Patch club! I've had the fabric for at least 3 weeks, and I need to get it made by Sunday, so I'd better get started. :) It's just going to be a really simple jersey skirt with a yoga style waist, so shouldn't take long to whip up. Hopefully I will remember to post pictures once I finish that.

I took advantage of Timberdoodle's 11-11-11 sale today (hurry--it only goes till 4 pm if you're interested!) and bought a few things for school and/or Christmas. I am woefully behind on my Christmas shopping! I really need to sit down and make a master list ASAP. We have a few things for the kids and gifts for a few of our nephews & nieces, but we still have a lot of planning and buying to do.

Well, I will wrap this up for now so I can eat a late lunch and try to find my kitchen sink and counters under the dirty dishes. :) Then perhaps I can clear off the table and start sewing, and also make some of these yummy looking chocolate-bottom banana squares! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Soul Writer said...

I am so glad you found me and stopped by my blog today. I didn't remember you by your 'real' name but when you gave me your 'Mitford' name I recognized you right away! I was so happy to hear from you. : ) Yes, Rebekah is 25 and attending a university about three hours from home... we miss her, but are definitely used to the empty nest!

Yes, the Mitford BB did close down, but there is a gal who opened up a new site called Through the Hedge that is by invitation only.

I was sad too, when Wonderland Creek ended! I'm reading a Karen Kingsbury trilogy now... that is ONE thick book! Thanks for telling me about booksneeze... I hope I didn't just bite off more than I can chew by signing up for them too!

Again, it was such a nice surprise to hear from you. You can email me if you like... I have an email me button on my blog. I hope it works!

Mary Ann said...

Carrie, you are so not the only one who has projects that have been put off for months or Christmas shopping that hasn't even been started :-) I have had this feeling of being buried under lots of stuff for the last several months & I just keep bobbing along with the tide. I have realized that I've got to start swimming soon or there's going to be some real trouble! Gonna make a few master lists of my own this week & see if I can't get with it :-)
I'm glad Josiah is better & I hope you can all stay healthy now!