Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Input requested: Perfume recommendations

This is a kind of different post, but it's something that I've been thinking about recently, so I thought I would throw a question out to all my lovely readers. :) I am not much of a perfume gal. I have one tiny little bottle of "Curve" perfume that Jim bought me ages and ages ago for Christmas, and I like it, but to be honest I rarely wear perfume at all. And by this time the perfume in the little bottle isn't smelling so nice anymore, anyway. Every now and then I will notice a friend or a lady in the store, or just a random stranger I pass who is wearing a subtle but beautiful fragrance. You know the type--not overpowering, just nice. But since I'm not really the type to ask a random stranger what perfume they are wearing, I am really clueless about what good brands/scents are out there! So, I thought I would see if any of you have a perfume you really love and would recommend. I just might have to add one to my Christmas list. :)

So please . . . share away in the comments!


Carrie said...

I think "Charlie" has a subtle nice scent but I don't really wear perfume.

Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
I am not much help in the perfume department.Just yesterday as I walked through Tj Maxx a lady walked by me with the nicest smelling perfume.Honestly,I did think about asking what it was.:)For now I will stick to my baby scent.It would probably overpower any other scents anyway.I even wear the white spots on my shoulder to compliment the scent.:)Wish I would remember to use a burp cloth.Let me know though if you find the perfect scent.

Mary Ann said...

I've really gotten away from using perfume mostly because my husband doesn't really like it :-) He's easy to please - no make-up, jeans, t-shirt & baseball cap :-) But, I will say that I used to love White Linen. I think it's by Estee Lauder. It just smells crisp & clean.
Let us know if you find any really good ones!

Kathleen :) said...

One of the scents I was given once was Japenese Cherry Blossom that is from Bath and Body Works. I loved it, but I had the lotion. I would put it on my arms or neck, and it seemed to last all day, but not be too overpowering! I also have Warm Brown Sugar and Vanilla, or something like that...that is really nice too! My only problem is I forget to put it on!!! :) I really like the lotions from Bath and Body because they seem more soft smelling! :)
Have a wonderful day! :)

1HappyWife said...

My sister-in-law (Nikki)( before she became my sister-in-law)for my bridal shower gave me Truly Lace, it was beautiful, not over powering scent. My hubby LOVED it! Sadly, it is no longer made, we did find it years ago, but the guy wanted $30. for a small bottle... we didn't like it THAT much :). I am sensitive to perfumes, so we have not been able to spend the time testing a new one. It won't be long and I'll be wearing the same "perfume" as my Nikki :) I can't wait!!!
Hope you will let us all know if you do find something.

Elisha said...

There is a brand called Fresh that is sold at Sephora. I have the scent Sake and really like it. Their perfumes are made with natural ingredients and they have a lot of great scents. Not overpowering at all.

I used to wear the brand Hanae Mori. They don't have different names just different colors (blue butterfly, pink butterfly, etc). I used the blue one and liked it. A bit heavier than the Fresh brand though.

Anonymous said...

I worked perfume at macys and will say your best bet is to get some samples. We can wear the same perfume as others, but due to everyones bodys being diffrent it will smell diffrent for everyone once you wear it. We always told woman to try it on and walk around for a little while and see if you still like it 10 mins later. you can ask for samples at most stores if the have them or try the tester of one you like to see if it smells good once it has reacted to your body's oils. most places now do not let you return perfume so its best to try before you buy.

Rebecca said...

Have you tried Bath & Body Works? They have several light, pleasing scents.
Their lotions and perfume sprays are on holiday sale right now, but they'll be down to half price after the holidays.
I wear & love Warm Vanilla Sugar. They describe it as a blend of vanilla, basmati rice, and sweet creamy sandalwood. It's warm & sweet without smelling like a cookie :).

If you're looking for a true perfume, Tresor is a favorite.

Have fun finding a new fragrance!