Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally, a completed project!!!!!!

So . . . I'm sure you might remember way back last winter when I posted this idea for a little bench re-do for the kids' room. And then this summer when I posted about it again, having actually started on it? And then I didn't post anything for a long time, simply because after I got the painting and urethaning done, I put the project on the back burner again, having limited time to do the cushion and pillows. Well, I am pleased to announce that FINALLY, I buckled down and got to sewing, and now I can cross this project off my list. :) As of last Monday, it is done, done, done! And I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Here are some shots:
This cushion involved first making my own piping. I got the tutorial for how to do that here (it wasn't hard, just took a little while). And I got the bench cushion tutorial here. It's definitely not perfect, but I'm fine with that.

As for the pillows . . . I scored these cream-colored throw pillows at a yard sale back in September for a dollar each. Yippee!! I then embellished them with leftover fabric. It was a bit different than my original plan, but I actually like it better.
And here's the lowdown on the cost of this project, just because it's fun to keep track of stuff like that. Mind you, this isn't exact, but a rough-ish guesstimate of how much I spent.

Bench: free (old toybox that my Grampa made years and years ago)
Paint: leftovers from other projects
Urethane: no idea, but I didn't use much :)
Fabric: gift from my mom several years ago
Rope (for the piping): maybe a couple dollars for the amount I used?
White fabric for piping: in my stash, bought on clearance at Walmart last year
Red bandana fabric: also in my stash, leftover scraps from another project
Foam for cushion: a little over $7
Batting to cover foam: in my stash, no idea how much it originally cost
Pillows: $2

Total: around $10-12, give or take a little. Not bad, if I do say so myself! :)
I'll admit that I don't know how much this little nook is actually going to get used for its intended purpose. But it does dress up that end of the room, and the kids seem to have fun playing with and on the pillows & cushion, so it's all good. :)


Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
Your bench turned out so cute.You are very talented.

Mrs.T said...

So cute!!! It turned out so well. Great job!

Mrs. Smith said...

Carrie, that is completely ADORABLE!! And, so are the little cutie-pies perched on the bench, to say the least! :D

1HappyWife said...

It came out really cute Carrie! Looks like all the kids are enjoying it too :).

Mary Ann said...

Good job, Carrie! It looks great & I'm sure it will be well used. And it's super great that it was such a low cost project. It's really fun to have a 'stash' that you can go to & get some of the needed materials without having to go buy everything.