Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Input requested: Kids' room bench/storage, part 2!!!

OK everyone--here we go again! :) Remember waaaaay back last winter when I asked for your input regarding this kids' room bench that I was hoping to re-do? Well, I finally got around to starting this project over the past few days. I decided to go with a blue outside and a cream inside, after looking over your input both on the blog and Facebook and sort of combining the ideas. This was my base coat--plain ol' cream:

And this was how it looked when I had it all painted with 2 coats of cream and 2 coats of blue.
But I had in mind that I wanted to distress it (a la this post/instructions) and then cover it with a coat of poly to seal everything. So today I took the sander to it. And now I'm not so sure. I was going for the rustic/weathered look to go with their cowboy themed room (not to mention the fact that they will beat on it so it might as well look beat up to start with, right?). But the kids informed me, "Mommy, you're ruining it!" (Sam) and "I don't like it looking like that!" (Julia)
And I'm wondering if it looks less weathered and more like just a bad paint job?
I can always repaint it with another coat of blue to "fix" it, but I wanted to see what you all thought. Keep in mind that it's going to have a cushion on top and the bottom will be used for large toy storage so not a whole lot of the inside will be showing. Mostly what will be seen is the blue edges. I'm going to get hubby's input too, but I'm just curious to see what you all think!

Updated to add: I decided to take a couple pictures of my 2 cushion options to add to this post; that will help give a better idea of how it will look with a cushion on it, and also I am curious about which you think is the better fabric for the seat cushion? Whichever one isn't used for the cushion will be used for coordinating pillows to lean against the wall.

Fabric choice #1:
Fabric choice #2:


TwoMuths said...

I really love it like this!

Carrie said...

I like the distressed look and fabric choice 2

Nikki said...

My daughter Salinn and I both like #2 and I always prefer the "weathered" look.:)That could be due to the fact it will look weathered after we use it anyway.:)My spice cabinet I bought new years ago but I love it because it has that old weathered look to it.

Mary Ann said...

Mike & I both like it the way it is. If you really decide you want to try something else you can do a wash of another color - like a different tint of the same color. You would mix clear glaze with paint & it gives another dimension to the color. If you wanted to try another method of distressing, you can wipe paint away while it is still wet. Regardless, it looks great as it is & we wouldn't blame you if you didn't change a thing :-) And I like both fabrics; if I were you I'd have to flip a coin!
(You can probably tell but Mike totally helped with this comment!)

Alicia said...

I think it looks great *distressed*! And I like fabric #2 for the cushion. Be sure to show us the finished product!

Mrs.T said...

I like the weathered look and also fabric choice #2. Isn't that interesting that Sam and Julia both had such strong opinions about the finish? I'd expect it of Sam, but not Julia!

Sue said...

Oh I love the weathered look and fabric 2.