Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yard sale treasures

Yard sales can be so much fun, but so far this summer we hadn't gone to any. That all changed on Saturday, when we went to five! We started out the day going to a couple as a family, but didn't find anything we wanted at either of them. Later, after Jim went to work, the kids and I headed out to a local town festival where there were a bunch of vendors, including a good sized yard sale. That was where I found my first treasures--three pairs of ice skates for the kiddos!! I was beyond thrilled. The kids have really been wanting skates, and I had especially been wanting some of the "double runner" type--for them to learn on--so imagine my delight at finding 2 pairs of those, plus a pair of hockey skates that will (hopefully) work for Sam after he learns on the double runners. The lady charged me a total of $10 for all three pairs--which was an amazing deal (we've looked for deals on used skates online and have never even come close to that!!).
After lunch, we headed out again to some more sales in a nearby town. I only had one good find, but it was a fun one: these vintage hardcover Madeline books, as well as a French-English workbook/coloring book, circa 1965, and in beautiful condition (not colored in at all!).
The inside cover of one of the Madeline books:
We also were able to get some other books for the kids at our local library book sale . . . so all in all it was a very good day for scoring deals! And now that I've found I can actually navigate yard sales with all three kids in tow, I might need to visit a few more before the summer's over. :)


TwoMuths said...

those are great finds - gorgeous skates! WOW! Happy rest of the season garage sale-ing to you!!

Anonymous said...

Yard sales are so much fun! We have found that they are really the best place to get skates and we have also gotten a few nice pairs at thrift stores for really cheap...but there can be a wide range.
At the town wide yard sale my hubby got quite a few nice tools :)

Nikki said...

I LOVE finding good deals at yard sales.:)It feels so good to find things that you need for just a fraction of the cost of buying new.:)

Mrs.T said...

Great deals! Be sure and check out the town-wide yard sale ... think that's usually in September locally.