Friday, October 14, 2011

Quotable Julia

Once in a while the kids will pop out with things that are so funny I just have to share them, and this is a good place to do it. :) More often than not, I forget to write them down anywhere, so I know I have missed a lot of them, but here is one from yesterday.

Julia was trying to boss me around (something we've been working on lately!), and I gently but firmly reminded her that she isn't my boss and that she needs to ask me nicely when she wants something. She promptly replied, "I'm just practicing for when I'm a grownup!"

Yes, it was very hard to keep a straight face! But I did inform her that she can wait until she's a grownup to "practice." :)


Mary Ann said...

At least you didn't tell her that she obviously needs no practice :-) She so cute - I love that pic & I would have been cracking up so kudos to you for keeping a straight face!

Nikki said...

That is too funny.It reminds me of my Silas.One day while out running errands I reminded the kids not to tease before we went into a store.just about as soon as we got in the store Silas started asking for something.I reminded him not to tease and he said I wasn't teasing I was asking.When I told him that asking was teasing he said" asking is teasing?I thought I was just wondering."
It is hard to keep a straight face.

Mrs. Smith said...

We got some good giggles from Miss Julia! How did you ever survive without cracking up! :D

1HappyWife said...

You just never know what they are thinking :)! What a cute picture!
Hope you are all well, been a little while since you have posted :(