Monday, August 29, 2011

Yes, we are fine. :)

Irene has come and gone and we made it through unscathed . . . well, aside from a good chunk of the dam on the duck pond washing out . . . but that's a really small thing compared to all the flooding and other storm damage that so many others have experienced. We never even lost power, amazingly enough! At one point yesterday our little stream (which has been mostly dry this summer) was rushing in a huge torrent and coursing through the pond, which overflowed the dam as it tumbled on its merry way. Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures of that, even though I wanted to. I didn't really want to get our camera wet, and that was when the rain was at its hardest.

We're hoping to go out for a drive in a little while and get some pictures of the high water around here, although most of it has receded a bit by now. There are several local rivers that flooded badly. The damage around here doesn't look as bad as what I've seen in some parts of VT, though. To my VT friends--hope you guys are OK!!

By the time the storm had abated last night, the kids were asking when the hurricane was going to come. They were actually a bit disappointed when we explained that it had already been and gone, and wasn't a hurricane anymore by the time it got to us! I think they were expecting it to be more like a tornado than just a big rainstorm.

Anyway . . . possibly I will be able to take some flood pictures later to share with you all, if we go out! The flooding around here has been the worst I've ever seen (not that I have this vast experience--but it is a lot for our area :)), and makes me thankful that Irene was "just" a tropical storm by the time she got here!

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Mary Ann said...

I'm grateful that Irene had lost her fury by the time she reached you! I understand why the kids were disappointed though :-) There is always an element of excitement with something that is just a bit dangerous & way out of the ordinary.