Friday, August 26, 2011

Cookin' up a storm

Since Hurricane Irene is headed our way, and of course we don't know yet how bad it will be . . . we may lose power, etc. . . . I decided today would be a good baking day. Now we are well stocked with bread, banana bread, frozen Egg McMuffins, and (hopefully later) granola and maybe some chocolate cake. My kitchen looks like a hurricane already went through it. :) But I feel better knowing we have some food cooked up ahead of time. I might also get some canned soups that we can cook on the stove top if needed. And I need to start filling jugs and pitchers and anything else I can find, with water. Thankfully we are already well supplied with lamp oil, flashlights and batteries, and we have a generator. Since we're so prepared, probably that means the hurricane won't come anywhere near us. :) (Which would be OK with me.)

To all my friends on the East Coast--hope you weather the storm well. Stay safe!

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Mary Ann said...

Sounds like you were really ready! How are you all now? Irene didn't hit you too hard, did she?