Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Busy days

I'm up late, baking the last of a double batch of cookies, and it seemed like a good time to post something. :) Not that I have anything terribly interesting to post about right now . . . but that's OK. I have lots and lots of posts just waiting to be let out of my brain and onto the blog, but they will have to continue to wait, at least for now. Here are some random thoughts for tonight . . .

  • I didn't get any very great flooding pictures from Irene. We did get to see part of a nearby town that was underwater, but I most of the really good photo ops were already past. However, if you want to see some pictures of the devastation in Vermont, which was hit a lot harder than we were, head over to my friend Nikki's blog!
  • We started school last week and it is going well. I'm finding that Julia is a perfectionist and will cry at the drop of a hat if her letters aren't coming out right in handwriting. Maybe I should have used Handwriting Without Tears? We even had tears in math today because she had to practice writing numbers. One thing I will say for her, though, is that she isn't a quitter. Even when she is in tears and frustrated, and I give her the opportunity to take a break and do something else, she is determined to keep practicing. I am really thankful for this!
  • I hope to do a more detailed post soon about our school plans for this year, along with some pictures. :)
  • I just checked Amazon to track some items that we had ordered last week, and it looks like we will be getting 3 packages tomorrow. Our mail lady is going to love us. :) Good thing we have such a nice mail lady!
  • I am a confirmed book-a-holic. Wait, that's nothing new! But I have been working hard to read more this year than I have in a while. I have a review to write for a book I just finished, another book I just received to review, and a fiction book on the way to me (hmmm, wonder how long it'll take me to read that? It's a Christian suspense novel and I already read the first in the series, which was nearly impossible to put down). Plus, while we were on vacation last month, I managed to read 4 books in about a week. That's what free time will do for a gal! (Well, free time AND a long road trip!)
  • My children are turning into book-a-holics too. I love that. :) We have been reading lots for school, checking out library books, and working our way through the Gone-Away Lake books (which Sam absolutely loves).
  • It's my dad's birthday today. The kids sang to him over the phone, which was fun for them (and hopefully for him too :)). Happy Birthday, Dad!
  • My baby nephew has been home for almost 2 weeks now and is finally able to be off the feeding tube. Yay!! Praising God for little Micah's good progress.
  • My cookies are done. Time to make Jim's lunch and call it a night. Thanks for listening to my ramblings! :)


Alicia said...

Oooh, those Gone Away Lake books sound promising! Thanks for the implied recommendation! :)

So glad to hear you're reading so much. I'm just on the brink of getting back into serious reading again now that Solomon is sleeping well and getting older.

I totally hear you on Julia with the handwriting. Chloe despises handwriting! We took an almost total break from it this summer and coming back to it afresh this fall hasn't been as bed as I expected. I wonder if it's partly a motor-skill developmental thing that makes it so difficult and tedious for them?

Mary Ann said...

Sometimes it's nice to get your thoughts out & see just all that you have done & how you have spent the time. I like to write posts like that. Poor Julia - handwriting is hard! I remember in 2nd grade having to repeat so many lessons on cursive writing - especially capital Q & H. I'm glad she doesn't let her frustration stop her.
Can't wait to see your book reviews!

Anonymous said...

I love rambling posts :)Joey

1HappyWife said...

Looking forward to your school posts! It is always neat to see what others are doing and have gotten a lot of great ideas over the years from blogs. Julia will probably have the most beautiful handwriting :)
Have a wonderful day!

Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
It was so much fun reading what you have been up to.:)I love those kind of posts.I have some kids like Julia who are such perfectionists it makes school take alot longer than it should.They just have to have it perfect.:)That can be a good thing and should teach me patience...if ONLY I would remember that while doing school.:)Thanks for your comments on our blog.I love to hear from you.Nikki