Friday, June 03, 2011

Loving summer!

Summer is here (I think) and I am loving the slower schedule! We have had some interesting weather here this week--it went from 80s-90s early in the week to mid-50s/low 60s at the end. I don't mind the cooler weather, but it was kind of a shock after the heat wave! Also, I had JUST changed to our coolest sheets (go figure) so now we're piling on extra blankets at night. :)

We had a nice Memorial Day. We were invited over to a cookout/get-together with friends, last minute, so that was fun. We even got to see some friends there whom we hadn't seen in a few years--and meet their baby girl who will be a year old soon! The relaxation and fellowship was very nice.

Our trip to the Montshire Museum was great! I hope to blog about it soon, with some pictures, but for now I'll just say that we had a wonderful time. The kids were sad to leave when it was time to go, and we plan to go back next year since they had so much fun. We're even considering getting a yearly membership to save some money and be able to go more times throughout the year. We'll see, though . . . since we live an hour away, we might not make it over there enough to make it worth the membership.

Today the kids, my mom, and I went to a local greenhouse and bought some plants. My poor little tomato seedlings haven't done so well, and I decided to see if I have any better success with plants than I have with starting my own. I was able to find some heirloom Brandywines, and bought 6. I also bought 2 grape tomato plants, and a peppermint plant. I'm hoping to get the garden planted tomorrow if the weather is nice. And praying for better gardening success this summer than in the past few years!


Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
I did the same thing with changing out our sheets.:)Poor planning I guess but it was too hot on the flannel ones.I had also put away our warmer clothes so we had to go dig out some warmer ones when it got chilly again.That always happens to me it seems but those 90 degree days really had me fooled.
Glad that you are having a good summer so far.Looking forward to hearing about your Montshire trip.We have never been but maybe someday?Nikki

Mrs.T said...

I did the same thing with the flannel sheets as well! I actually ended up having to start a fire in the woodstove one day last week!

It's warm and sunny today though...

Anonymous said...

I am way behind all of you... still have flannel sheets on our bed! Looking forward to the pics. of the museum, we were there quite a few years ago. -Joey

Mrs. Doug said...

Oh... be careful with the peppermint... it likes to "take over" the whole garden.

Hope your garden is a success this year. We planted on Memorial Day and the warmer weather this week has caused the seeds to burst out. Checked on Monday night... no beans up yet. Today they were up about 2 inches.
If theY keep growing at this rate... well, we should have plenty of beans anyway.

Have any new chickies yet? Our hen gave up setting when it turned hot. We did get in 25 meat birds and expect 15 pullets on the 13th.

Hope you have a great summer!