Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I've been feeling kinda uninspired in the blogging department lately! I think part of the problem is that I've been spending too much time reading other blogs, and not making enough time to write in my own.

The past week or so has seemed busy, with our trip to the science museum last Weds. (which was super fun!) and then Memorial Day yesterday . . . but really, other than that, we haven't been doing much out of the ordinary. We're beginning to get used to Jim's new schedule--he usually works from around 10 am to 6 pm or so. The kids have been a little more ornery than usual as they adjust to Daddy being gone more, but we're getting there. :) It sure is a blessing to have some regular income, and we are thankful!

I did part of "Day 2" of my cleaning challenge today (cleaning the fridge) and it felt really good to accomplish that. It was in desperate need of a good cleaning. Lots of science experiments in there! I still need to do the freezer, though--hopefully tomorrow morning I will tackle that.

Well, hopefully I will have some inspiration to write more soon . . . for now, I'm off to bed!


Nikki said...

Hi Carrie,
I was glad to see that you had updated.Maybe I should make time to clean out my fridge today??Hope your week is going well.Glad that you are able to have some income coming in now.It is always sad when my hubby has to go back to work when he has been home but we are very thankful for his job.:)~Nikki

Mary Ann said...

The inspiration seems to come in crazy spurts doesn't it? Sometimes I have so many things swirling in my head but I don't get time to post them. Then when I have time, I got nothing in my head to write about. :-) That's how it goes! Glad that you are settling into a comfortable routine, though. That's a good thing!

Mrs.T said...

Hope you will be feeling more inspired soon!!! I am feeling more so now that I have finished my big writing project for this year. I'll probably never get around to writing all of the posts I would like to, though.

My fridge needs cleaning, too...