Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Heat Wave!

Today was HOT. The highest temp I noticed was 94.5, but that was more than hot enough. :) Tomorrow is supposed to be pretty bad too; after that it's supposed to get cooler. I thought about heading to the beach tomorrow, but I really need to go grocery shopping and then we have prayer meeting at night . . . so I guess we will put off the beach till another day. I'm sure we'll have plenty more hot ones this summer. :)

I tried a couple new recipes today--I didn't want to heat up the house any more than it already was, so I planned a cool supper. We had a pasta salad and baked beans made on the stovetop. The beans were very tasty, except for the parts on the bottom that burned because I forgot to stir them toward the end. Oops! But I would definitely make them again, just watch them more closely! Here is the recipe I used for them.

I also made homemade mayo. I've never tried this before although the idea has interested me for a while. I used this recipe from Passionate Homemaking, except I used my handy dandy immersion blender instead of a food processor. Easier clean-up. :) I'm still not quite sure what I think of the end result, though. I went with half coconut oil and half olive oil instead of 1/3 coconut oil and 2/3 olive oil. I was afraid the olive oil would be too strong. But now I think maybe the coconut oil is too strong. I did use the homemade mayo, mixed with sour cream and some herbs and spices, for the pasta salad dressing. And it was good. But I'm not sure how it will taste on a sandwich yet. At any rate, the consistency turned out pretty good and I'm definitely open to making homemade mayo again . . . I just might have to experiment with various recipes. Such as this one. Or this one. I'm trying to move away from using canola oil so much, thus the coconut and olive oil combo.

I've kinda stalled on the 31 Days to Clean challenge . . . I had big plans for more kitchen cleaning today, but then it got so hot that I decided it wouldn't be a good idea to tackle anything major. My fridge and freezer are sparkling, though! Hopefully next week we will have cooler weather and I'll be back to work, and move things along a little faster. I was so looking forward to getting all my deep cleaning done this summer . . . and hopefully I still will . . . but I just forgot how life gets in the way sometimes. :)


Mary Ann said...

It's been hot here, too. I haven't used my space heater at work :-)
Your new recipes sound interesting. I just might have to try the stovetop beans. They sound good.
As far as homemade mayo, I read through the recipe you used & my thing about it is the raw eggs. Did you use raw eggs? The risk of salmonella kind of worries me. I haven't done any research so I don't really know how high the risk is. I know you have chickens so maybe there isn't any risk for you? I was just wondering because it does sound like a much healthier alternative - except for the possible pukies :-)

Carrie said...

Hey Mary Ann! Sorry I didn't get your comment published till now; we had a power outage that lasted about 27+ hours, so I'm finally getting around to bloggy stuff! Anyway, yes, I used raw eggs. I'm not worried about it with farm fresh eggs, but I wouldn't do it with regular store eggs. From what I understand, the risk is a lot lower with the farm fresh ones. And the risk is probably not all that high even with store eggs, but still . . .

Also, I read a comment on one of the recipes that the blending process does heat the eggs a lot, probably enough to kill any bad bacteria . . . but I haven't personally researched that, so I don't know for sure. Anyway, I would definitely say it's preferable to use fresh eggs for this kind of recipe. :) Hope that helps! Next time I'm gonna try the recipe from Kelly the Kitchen Kop, which uses sesame oil. The one I made is OK, but too strong in flavor for my taste. She said hers is close to Hellman's and I'm a fan of that, so I think we'd like that better! Now I need to find the best price on a light sesame oil. :)