Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy (belated) Birthday to Julia!!!

Julia's birthday was actually at the end of April, but I'm finally getting around to blogging about it. I figured I'd better do it today, since Jim's birthday is tomorrow and I don't want to be doubly behind! :)
Julia turned 5 this year. She was quite excited to be a 5 year old and had been talking about it for weeks ahead of time. It took her a while to decide on what kind of cake she wanted, but she finally settled on a treasure chest. Jim and I were happy; this was an easy cake to make and decorate--only 2 colors of frosting!! :)

My parents and Grampa came over to celebrate with us and I finally remembered to get a picture of all three kids with their Great-Grampa. I am so blessed to still have two of my grandparents living--this is one of them. :) I am thankful that my kids will all be able to remember him. My other grandfather died 10 years ago, so none of my children ever got to meet him, which is sad--he was a wonderful person and would have taught them so much, especially about nature.

Anyway . . . Julia got lots of fun presents, including a new purple water bottle, some felt food, an apron, and some bubble toys! Also money, some of which she has already spent on a butterfly hatching kit. Her caterpillars arrived on Saturday and we have been having fun watching them grow!

She is such a sweet little girl although she can have a will of iron at times. :) She loves girly things but she is not at all afraid of worms, salamanders, toads, or even dead animals. In fact, she is quite interested in the inner workings of things and I wonder if she has a future in biology? She is somewhat afraid of bugs and spiders, though. She loves purple and pink (of course!), enjoys having her hair done in pretty styles (a new favorite thing is to "match Mommy"--she likes it when we do our hair the same way), loves poofy dresses so she can twirl, likes salad (she thinks it's fun to eat "leaves,") but barely tolerates meat, loves books.

Before she was born I wanted a redheaded girl . . . but now I wouldn't trade my little blondie with the green eyes for anything. :) She has been through a lot this year but has come through with a smile on her face (albeit a somewhat toothless one ;)) and we are so thankful for God's protection on her. We pray that she will come to know Him soon and love Him always.

Happy Birthday baby girl!! We love you!!


Alicia said...

Happy 5th birthday, Julia! Can't believe she's 5 already! That's such a big milestone!

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday to your Julia! It's fun reading your description of your kids since I haven't ever met them. She sounds like a sweet, tough little girl - a great combo!

Carrie said...

This is such a swet post..and sounds like such a sweet girl!