Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!

Sorry for the blog silence lately; I am waaaay behind on posting--still need to write about Julia's birthday, several book reviews, and all kinds of other stuff! But I just wanted to quickly say Happy Mother's Day to everyone--my own wonderful mom, my dear mother-in-law, my sister, sister-in-law, my sweet Grammy and Jim's Grandma--and of course all of you, my readers, who are moms! Thank you for all you do and all you have done in raising the next generation!

We had a lovely day. Now that we are attending services at our new church, our Sundays are more relaxed. (This is because our Sunday service is currently in the afternoon.) So, for the first Mother's Day in several years, I slept in and was served breakfast in bed by my amazing hubby! We had a slow, lazy morning, leftovers for lunch, then it was time to head to church, where we enjoyed sweet fellowship with friends. After church we stopped at Walmart and I was told to stay in the car. :) Jim and the kids came out with a gift for me--a new rosebush! This is a "Queen Elizabeth" rose, which will have pink blossoms. I hope I can manage not to kill it! So far I've had so-so luck with roses--out of four that I had planted a few years ago, two have survived. I'm looking forward to getting this one planted, and hoping it will bloom beautifully in years to come!

Jim took a few pictures of the kids and me, but alas, we had forgotten to put the camera card in the camera (which we didn't realize till hours later), so . . . no Mother's Day pictures after all! Oh well. Maybe we will try again another week when we are all dressed up for church. :)

Hope all of you had a very special day too!!

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Mrs.T said...

So glad you could have a nice, relaxing and peaceful Mother's Day!!! And a "Queen Elizabeth" rose! How appropriate in this year of a royal wedding. Hope it grows well for you!