Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Goals for a New Year: Domestic

Doesn't "domestic" sound so organized and homemaker-ish? :) Well, domesticity is one of the areas that I really struggle with, frankly. And I was a home & family management major! It's one thing to take the classes in college; it's another thing when you actually have a home . . . and then when you add a *family*--whew! Not that that is any kind of a good excuse, however. :)

Anyway, this past year I have especially had a hard time being organized . . . even more than normal. Part of it is my own lack of motivation (read: laziness), part of it is being way too easily distracted (I'm a total SHE--sidetracked home executive), and part of it probably has to do with adding in homeschooling. So I aim to get my ducks in a row this year! Here are a few goals to get me started:

  • Create a workable cleaning routine for our home
  • Give the kids chores to do and be consistent in requiring them to actually do them!
  • Declutter our whole upstairs!!
  • Read (and use!) at least 2 books about organizing
  • Keep up with the dishes--as much as possible, get them all done each day so they don't pile up to the ceiling ;)
I used a bit of Christmas money to buy Organized Simplicity, and it is on my reading list for this spring. I'm putting it off a bit simply because there is a large section on deep cleaning, which I probably won't do until May or June, whenever we're finished with school. I also plan to read Organizing Plain and Simple, which I've had for several years but have never read cover-to-cover (why? because I'm a SHE, of course! :))

Another goal which doesn't really have anything to do with housekeeping, but sort of fits under the domestic category, is to make something homemade every month. Most of these will probably be sewing or crafting projects (since I already make a lot of our food "homemade," and I hope to try some new-to-me things in the process! I am hoping to start up the "Homemade Life" feature on my blog again, posting something at least monthly in that category.

*So those are a few of my homemaking goals . . . do you have any? Anyone want to join me in my journey to a more organized year? :)


Homesteading Quest said...

Those both look like great books! I also need to get more organized at home also. My organization though needs to be in the office at home! I have bills and letters and cards and couponsand receipts laying everywhere! I have gotten a few magazine boxes for my magazines and have gotten a little system going for incoming and outgoing mail, so we'll see if that helps!

Mrs.T said...

Here are my domestic goals:

• To continue to grow in the practical skills of homemaking, money management, and time management.

• To get back to and then stick with the housekeeping routines that work for me and to declutter the entire house. Storage areas will be a particular priority.

• To do something creative, no matter how small, every day.

Alicia said...

I'm a SHE too! I expend so much energy in just surviving and keeping up each day that I usually miss the big picture of organization. The other frustrating thing is that I feel like that in life with little kids I am constantly rethinking and REorganizing as our needs grow and change. Ugh. Wish there was a more simple and lasting solution!

This year I hope to do more sewing. Already hemmed a pair of pants! Feels good to have the sewing machine out again!

Mrs. Doug said...

Great goal Carrie.
I remember when my children were little organization was my goal every year until they were out of high school :) I know it's important but not as important as spending LOTS of time with those little ones. They don't stay little forever. I know what you mean though. I hated seeing things pile up. I did make many honest attempts. I'll pray for ya.

daisy said...

I'm already on the organizing quest. In case you want to get some quick ideas, there is a great website called organizedhome.com.
Adding homeschooling to your day can really throw things off. Give yourself a break. You're doing a lot. You just need to figure out the best routine for your family. You'll get there.

Mary Ann said...

Carrie, I wish you well! I am getting tired just reading all of your goals. Maybe I'm a little lazy, hmm? I agree, it is worth the effort to make our homes more organized. I have some kitchen cabinets & a few storage areas that have been sorely neglected. I also need to make a list of craft projects I want to tackle sometime soon. And that book does look great - the words 'organized' & 'simplicity' are major hooks to reel us in, aren't they? :-)