Sunday, January 09, 2011

Goals for a New Year: Relational

I planned to post my final two types of goals over the past couple days, but got busy with other things instead of typing out a post. So here is the next-to-last type: relational goals, aka "people-oriented" goals. :) There is so much I could put here, but to keep it short and sweet, here are the main points:

  • Be a better communicator
  • Finish the "Love & Respect" class (and book) that we're taking at church and put the principles into practice in our marriage!
  • Plan one date night per month with my sweetie
  • Pray faithfully for my guy
  • Give my kids my full attention when they are talking to me
  • Be a more fun mom--play with them more!
  • Say yes more often than no :)
  • Plan a family fun night once a month
  • Take time to help them enjoy the little things that make life beautiful
  • Practice hospitality: have guests over for supper once a month
  • Stay in better touch with friends and family via email or snail mail
  • Get together with some of my fellow "mommy friends" for time to talk and encourage each other
  • Write notes of encouragement or a phone call to someone God puts on my heart
  • Keep up with my blog more faithfully (and thus with far-away loved ones at the same time :))
And those are the main ones. In a nutshell, I just want to take more time for people this year. Material things are fleeting; people last forever.

*What are your relational goals for this year?


Mary Ann said...

So true - material things are fleeting & people last forever. I haven't really set any official goals for this year but I have to agree with several of yours. I definitely want to take more time for people & use our home more effectively as a ministry of hospitality.

Mrs.T said...

Here are mine, also short and sweet:

1.To be more of a help to my husband; to make our home more of a refuge from the world for both of us; to nurture our relationship with little getaways and regular dates.

2.To stay in closer touch with my friends and family and to be a better friend and encourager.

I like your goal to have people in for supper at least once a month. Might have to adopt that one!

Thanks for spelling out your goals in categories like this. It has helped me in refining my own goals.