Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Countdown to Christmas: 17 Days!

Today we all drove up to North Conway to do a little more shopping. We've realized this time around with Jim's parents visiting, that there isn't as much touristy stuff to do in NH in the winter as in the spring or summer! Next time they are thinking about coming in the fall so we can do more outside.

NH is still beautiful in the winter, though. When we started out, the skies were clear. We ran into snow in the notches--not surprising, although it was snowing quite a bit more than we expected--and then came back out into sunshine, and clear ground. We had a fun time, shopping and spending time together in the beautiful mountains.

After today, hopefully my countdown posts will have a little more to do with Christmas. :) I just haven't been doing a whole lot more decorating or other Christmas prep (baking, etc.) this week, but we sure have been having a good time with family. :)

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Mary Ann said...

It sounds like you guys are having a great visit - enjoy it! As long as you aren't telling us all you are doing to get ready for Christmas I can continue to hold some of my panic at bay (I am SO behind!) :-)