Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After-Christmas update

So, the presents are opened, the pile of cookies and candy is dwindling, and the kids are (maybe) starting to catch up on their sleep. We're fighting off a cold at our house; thankfully it hasn't been too bad. So far, this has been a very healthy winter for us, and we are grateful!

Jim is hopefully going to be starting on a remodeling job next week . . . we're praying that works out. He's had work off and on through the fall and winter, and God has provided for all that we need. This week he didn't have any jobs, so we started another remodeling project of our own. Oh my, what a mess. But, when it's all done, we will have a super duper coat closet in our entryway. Which means no. more. mess. all over the rug!!! Boots, coats, hats, mittens, gloves, shoes, etc. will all have a new home . . . tucked away behind closed doors . . . oh, the joy of it! When we designed our house, we did it all ourselves, and there were things we didn't think of, that later we wondered what in the world we were thinking. A coat/boot/shoe closet was one of those things. Right now our home is very discombobulated (again!), but I can turn my back to the door and still enjoy the beauty of the Christmas lights and the shimmering tree, so it's all good. :)

Today while Jim was busy working on the closet, I tackled the "cave" (aka the kids' room) . . . it was in desperate need of a makeover. Tonight it is clean, cozy, and inviting once again. A place for everything and everything in its place. Okay, I didn't yet completely clean under the bunk bed or take everything off the bookshelves and reorganize them (future project), but it is a LOT better than it was. Trust me on this. :) One of our New Year goals is to install some daily/weekly chores and some room rules. With three little ones and a bunch of toys in a very small room, we need to set some specific guidelines for order. I would love to hear from other moms about this . . . how do you do "chores" for your kids (in regards to keeping their rooms neat and clean, specifically). Do you have written or unwritten rules for their rooms? I have a few ideas, but could always use some more inspiration!

I hope to share pictures soon from our Christmas. We had a really wonderful day as a family, as well as with some of our extended family. It was nice to be able to really savor the season this year, although it still seemed to go too fast. Next year, there are some things I definitely want to start on earlier (such as baking), so I'm not rushing so much toward the end.

Well, it's late and I'm tired . . . hopefully I'll have time to write a more interesting post soon. :) Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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TwoMuths said...

I love your plan - turn your back to the clutter and enjoy Christmas lights. :-) I can function, too - as long as there is SOMEWHERE clean to run to! :-)

I have slacked of horribly on the jobs, but that is me, not our system. Aaron has 3 morning jobs and 3 bedtime jobs, on laminated charts with little sticky velcro dots and laminated smiley faces that have the other side of the velcro so they stick to the dots - when he gets done with a job, the smiley goes up. It worked quite well for awhile...