Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my lil' sis!!

I just wanted to say a quick little Happy Birthday to my sister, Joanna! Jojo is a special blessing in my life, although we now live many miles apart. We were always the best of friends through our growing up years, being only 20 months apart in age . . . we shared a room, shared clothes, shared secrets. :) Jo is a wonderful encourager--she encourages me in my walk with God, in my life as a wife and mom, and just as a friend. I love being able to call and talk her ear off once in a while, even though that pesky time zone difference tends to get in the way!

Jo and I have a lot in common, too. We both married carpenters (who were on the same mission team to our church back in 1997!) . . . we each have 3 kids. And those three kids are in the same order (boy, girl, boy). We both went to the same college and majored in the same thing. We both play the piano. We both like a lot of the same kinds of books and music.

There are also things we don't have in common. She can drive a stick shift. She is an amazing cake decorator! She likes more adventurous foods (and activities) than I do. She has been to Hawaii (waaaah!) and Antigua and even on a cruise (I think). She lives in the West where the cowboys roam, and where I have never even visited (double wah!!). She has also given birth in a truck (something I don't envy :)). Oh yeah, and she is a lot skinnier than me! (Something I'm going to work on catching up to in the New Year!!! :D)

Anyway, Jojo is my very favoritest sister (well, she's my only sister :)), and a very precious friend as well. And I'm glad I got to chat with her for a few minutes today and sing to her over the phone! Happy birthday sis!! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
One of my sisters shares the same birthday with your sister.We are not close like you and your sister.Our lives are very different.I did send her off birthday greetings though....:)I pray my girls will be each others best friends someday too.Two of my girls are 17 months apart and they are always together.I love it.Nikki

Anonymous said...

What fun to read about you and Jo and all your sames and differents!
Happy Birthday Jo!

Looking forward to all your posts in 2011. Enjoy the rest of 2010.