Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I love days like this when I actually get a lot done in my kitchen. Oh, I usually get quite a bit of baking and cooking done . . . but I am almost always behind on my dishes! Today I buckled down and got things caught up. Then I proceeded to dirty a bunch more dishes by making cookies and hot dog buns, but at least now the dishwasher is empty, and most of the dishes can go in it. :) It's nice to be able to see most of my counters again . . . of course there are still a few piles that I need to eliminate. But hey! I wouldn't be ME if I didn't have piles, right?! :D

Last night I ran to the grocery store (well, I didn't literally run, but you know what I mean) and picked up a few freebies. A few weeks back, I signed up for a Kraft promotion on Facebook where you could get a package with a bunch of free stuff. It included coupons for Oscar Meyer Selects hot dogs (nitrite and nitrate free!), BBQ sauce (with no HFCS--amazing!), some little packs of crackers and some kind of latte mix that I can't remember the name of right now. I also got a coupon for a free box of Kraft mac-n-cheese from a different promotion. So it was fun to go into the store and come out with free hot dogs, BBQ sauce, and mac-n-cheese! I love freebies. :) So tonight, we'll be eating hot dogs and mac-n-cheese!

Jim is almost finished with the garage he's been building for the past month. We're praying for more work to come along quickly! He does have 3 or 4 little projects lined up, but that's all so far. If you think of it, pray for another bigger job for him--like a garage, addition, roof, etc. He really needs to stay busy through the summer!

I haven't gotten around to posting a weight loss update for the past couple of weeks; at this point I'm still maintaining, but haven't lost any more lately. I'll try to get back to posting regular updates starting next week--that should help motivate me more! Yesterday the kids and I took a 45 minute walk, and it felt SO good. I'm hoping for lots of sunshine this summer, because I'd like for us to take a long walk like that every nice day! I think I'd be in a lot better shape by the end of the summer if we can make that goal a reality. How are the rest of you weight loss buddies doing?

And finally, this post at Passionate Homemaking was a blessing to me today, as was this post from Joy at The Stay-at-Home Missionary. Isn't it such an amazing privilege to be able to learn from older, godly moms?!

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