Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrating the end of Kindergarten!!!

As I mentioned earlier, we came to the end of Sam's first year of homeschooling last Friday. He and I were both very excited and quite eager for summer vacation! Overall, it really was a wonderful year and I'm looking forward to next year . . . but a break will be nice, too. :) Anyway, we wanted to do something fun to celebrate this milestone. Jim came home early on Friday and we discussed some ideas of what to do. We decided to call a few mini-golf places and see if any were open for the season yet. We found out that Pirate's Cove was open till 6 pm, and also that kids under 5 were free there--yippee skippy! So we set out, not telling the kids where we were headed. Sam was super excited when we arrived; mini-golf is one of his favorite things, although I think we've only been twice before as a family! The very best part was that we were the ONLY people there. I guess it wasn't too busy since they had just opened, and weren't staying open very late. It was so fun to go through at our leisure, not having to wait for any other groups ahead of us, or feel hurried by anyone behind us. And the weather was absolutely perfect! Here are some pictures from our evening:

We took a few practice shots at the Practice Green, then headed for Black Beard's Challenge.

I love this mini-golf course; it's so pretty with the waterfalls, streams, landscaping, and of course the fun pirate theme!

Sam was jumping for joy!

Such a cute little golfer. :)

Jim helped Julia and Josiah with some of their shots . . . but mostly they preferred to just hit their balls around or carry them. So we were glad we didn't have to pay for them! :)

My family. They are all so precious to me!

The kids all received pirate hats, stickers and flags. Sam enjoyed wearing his hat on the way home. We also let him pick where he would like to eat supper, and he chose Burger King. So we went there

and had a picnic of burgers and fries outside on a rock!
It was such a fun family evening--and such a great end to our first year of school!!


Anonymous said...

What a neat way to celebrate the end of the schoolyear.:)We are doing school all summer.We will still get plenty of fresh air in the form of gardening and field trips.:)They help keep us sane.~Nikki

Mary Ann said...

What a fun day! We always celebrated the first & last day of school by going out for pizza. I have great memories of those times :-)