Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Cleaning Week 2: Master Bedroom

Well, last week's cleaning mission in the bathrooms went pretty well! I got almost everything on my list finished, with the exception of cleaning and organizing the cabinets and drawers. I also realized I really need to take down the shower light/fan covers and give them a good cleaning, but I need to have Jim help me with that part because I'm not sure how they come off . . . and I forgot to ask him over the weekend. So maybe I can do that some evening this week!

My next room to tackle is the master bedroom. This is one of my favorite rooms to clean, but also one of my most neglected on a daily basis. It's where I stash piles of clutter when I'm trying to spiff up the main living areas . . . where baskets of folded or sometimes unfolded clean laundry sit for days . . . where every surface ends up with clothes, books or papers piled on it . . . you get the picture. :)

I really want our bedroom to be a lovely haven, a kind of restful oasis in the midst of our busy life. But usually it is so cluttered that it doesn't exactly feel peaceful! So, along with my goal of deep-cleaning it this week, I also want to work hard on giving it that feeling of beauty and peace. Anybody want to join me? :) Here is my list of cleaning goals for the week:
  • Wash windows
  • Vacuum thoroughly, including all nooks and crannies!
  • Reorganize stuff stored under the bed
  • Dust furniture, pictures, etc.
  • Declutter surfaces
  • Put away most winter clothes
  • Reorganize closets and get rid of unused clothes
  • Change sheets/wash bedspread
  • Organize my cabinet (Jim built us some nice tall cabinets with shelves instead of dressers--love them!)
  • Possibly dust ceiling fan (this depends on whether I can get my hubby to drag a ladder in here :))
So far my day hasn't exactly gone as planned, and I haven't even started any bedroom cleaning. Hopefully I'll have the chance to tackle some of it before suppertime! I also have to fit school time in, though, so . . . we'll see.

If any of you are joining in on the spring cleaning mission, I'd love to hear how it's going!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
Well you inspired me to start organizing the piles of laundry in our bedroom.I did not get far before my baby woke up and needed mama.:)I did wash the sheets on our bed though so that was a start.Nikki