Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Time to share some more links that have been adding up on my favorites list!

  • Inspired to Action is one of my newest faves. She has an excellent free e-book that is so helpful, and well . . . inspiring! This blog is jam-packed with practical and helpful advice for young moms. Highly recommended!
  • Home Joys is a blog my mom recently told me about. Written by a young Mennonite mom, I've been blessed and encouraged by what I've read so far!
  • Money Saving Maine-iac . . . I just found this blog yesterday and am so excited about it! It's a great "deals" blog in many ways, but my favorite part is the fact that I've finally found a blogger who posts Hannaford deals and coupon match-ups!! Yay!!! I keep checking MoneySavingMom to see if she's added Hannaford to her grocery store list, but it's not on there yet . . . but now I can just hop over to Money Saving Maine-iac every week and see the deals there. Super exciting, if you're in a small NH town with only two choices (Hannaford and Walmart)!! :)
  • Heart and Home. I recently heard about this one from a bloggy friend, and have been blessed by it! Ashleigh is a young mom of two, married to a Marine who has recently deployed to Afghanistan. She writes beautifully and keeps things "real."
  • This one is a few weeks old, but I was really blessed by this post from Tsh (Simple Mom) at (in)courage. Such a beautiful and excellent reminder that Heaven is our true home.
I hope some of you may be blessed by these links too! Enjoy! :)


Erika said...

i am greatly enjoying Inspired to Action as well!

and so excited about the Maine blog as well--i will be telling my mom about it--she has only Hannaford and Walmart too!

Gina said...

Thanks for sharing the link! Hope you keep on visiting! I love to hear from others who are finding joy in motherhood!

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

Hi Carrie;

Thank you for sharing the link. The funny thing is I'll be posting the Hannaford deals for Money Saving Mom starting next Monday. I appreciate the link ups to the other good read sites too. I'm always looking for inspiration too.

God Bless,

Carrie said...

Hi Erika! So good to hear from you--hope all is well with you guys!!

Gina, thanks for the comment--I haven't had a chance to comment on your blog yet, but I am really enjoying it. I love how you're doing the bread reviews! I enjoy baking bread for my family, and that cookbook sounds really good.

Teresa, that's so cool that you're going to be doing the deals for MSM!! I was getting so impatient to see Hannaford added! :) I really enjoyed browsing your blog and am now subscribed--so fun to "meet" another New England blogger!! :)

Kat @ Inspired To Action said...

Aww....thanks for your kind words, Carrie! I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog!