Monday, April 19, 2010

Weighing in: Week 10

Well, the scales weren’t too kind this morning . . . looks like I gained a pound instead of losing! Oops . . . Can I blame it on our girls’ day out on Saturday, wherein we ate out 2 meals and also devoured a Cinnabon roll?! :) (Seriously, I had a wonderful day of shopping and fellowship with my good friends Gail and Les, and it was totally worth the extra pound! :)) But this week, it’s time to really get in gear again. I slacked off on exercise (read: 0/5 days) again last week, and am determined to do a lot better than that this week! I know I say this pretty much every week, but I find that I *have* to have a combination of smaller portions, more exercise, and less sweets, to see consistent results. Probably it’s the same for most people, I guess! I also really need to chug more water, as usual. Not sure at this point if I will make my mini-goal, because April is going by WAY too fast!! But I’m going to put forth a better effort this week. Keep me accountable, guys! Give me a good talking to if I fall off the wagon again next week, OK?! I hope the rest of you are doing better than I am . . . :)

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Mary Ann said...

I forgot to weigh this morning. I'm sure the news wouldn't have been too good. I need you to give ME a stern talking-to, Carrie! I did exercise at least five days & I drank lots of water. My challenges (as usual) involve getting enough sleep & controlling the sweets.
I'm super glad you enjoyed your girl time. And I'm sure you will be more careful this week. Thanks for hosting this accountability check!