Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Think Spring!!--Giveaway #1

Thank you to everyone who commented on my blog-aversary post!! It was fun to hear from so many readers. :) I’m holding two giveaways this week (possibly three, if I can get a little sewing done in the next couple days!), and this is the first one. (Everyone is welcome to enter any or all of the giveaways if you’d like!)

I’m giving away this cute little toile/check handbag, handmade by yours truly. :)

This is from the “Mama Bag” pattern in Handmade Home, by Amanda Blake Soule, which I received for Christmas. It’s a really nice book and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who enjoys sewing and crafting! Anyway, this is just a fun little simple bag (no pockets--just a tote) and the toile is so pretty and springy. The outside is made from home decor fabric and it’s lined with white dotted swiss, and I must add a disclaimer that the sewing job isn’t exactly perfect . . . I do try hard to get things lined up, but it doesn’t always quite work out the way I’d hoped. :) Also, as you can see, the back of the bag features an upside-down toile design ;) . . . simply because the outside of the bag is made of one piece of fabric, meaning that one of the sides ends up upside-down! Which wouldn't be an issue with many fabrics, but with toile . . . Anyway, if you don’t mind that, and a few other little imperfections, then leave me a comment on this post and you’ll be entered to win!! And stay tuned for the next giveaway, coming soon!

*This giveaway will be open until midnight next Wednesday, March 24th. I'll try to announce the winner on Thursday, or Friday at the latest.*
**My apologies to my overseas friends, but I’m going to have to make this a “US only” giveaway, just so I can ship more cheaply--sorry about that!**


Mrs. Doug said...

Hey Carrie... the bag is really cute. And your living room looks terrific!!! I'm so happy that you were able to get that done. I hope to soon send some after pictures of our home. I got some hardwood laminate flooring from an auction summer before last... doesn't seem that long ago. That will be in the living room and hallway and also in the dining area if there is enough of it. I like the color of yours. Our flooring is much lighter, but we will need that because we have an addition on the sunny side of the living room that will limit the amount of light that comes in. You could have some "mega" house plants with all that light coming in there.

Have a great day!!
Mrs. D

Joanne said...

The bag is really pretty!

Anonymous said...

I love totes - so enter me! Is that all I have to do? Hope you are enjoying this nice weather. I am headed out with the kids to get a nice walk in and enjoy the sunshine. -
PS. Floor looks great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I would love to win this tote.:)I love to enter giveaways.Thank you for having one.One can never have too many bags.:)I love your floors.Nikki

MaryAnn said...

Sign me up! I love toile, upside down or otherwise :-) I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only seamstress who has to confess to imperfection. It's hard! But this bag is adorable & I'm sure I would use it a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
I just realized left my name off my comment. The one just above Nikki's again. -Joey
Hi Nikki!

Mrs.T said...

The handbag is just adorable! Lovely job on it. You don't need to enter me into the drawing; I just wanted to say how cute it came out.

Tracy said...

Carrie, you and Jim are doing a great job on your house. It looks beautiful. I think the handbag is adorable, and I would love to enter in the giveaway.