Monday, March 15, 2010

Weighing in: Week 5

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I'm so excited to see more positive results this week--I lost another pound!! (Maybe two, but it's really hard to tell on my scale which little line the needle is on . . . so we'll call it one, just to be safe!) I did better with eating moderately last week, although I did not do so well with exercise--I only did my workout twice, so I need to step it up this week!

I started working specifically on incorporating more salads/fresh veggies into my diet. My friend Elisha shared a comment that one of her favorite lunches is a tortilla wrap with hummus and raw veggies. That sounded really yummy to me, so I tried it! I am not a big fan of chick peas, but hummus has always sounded interesting, so I made some using this recipe. I'll admit, the first day I wasn't crazy about it--I didn't hate it, just wasn't sure how I liked it. But I think it definitely improves with time. I used store bought tortillas the first couple times I tried this, then today I made some wheat ones using this recipe. Let me tell you, the wheat ones really make a difference--YUM!! They're a bit more work, but cheaper and really delicious. I added lettuce, green & red pepper, and tomato to mine. I also added a little shredded mozzarella a few times, and these were delicious either way. Thanks, Elisha, for the great tip!!

So this week I want to continue using lots of veggies, do my workout DVD at least 4-5 times, and drink more water. I slacked off on that a bit last week, but am back on track today. How are the rest of you guys doing? Let's encourage each other!!


Mary Ann said...

Great job, Carrie! I think I'll have to check out those recipes. We go through a lot of tortillas at our house & I've never been really satisfied with the store bought ones.
I weighed in the same this week. But I did well with my water intake, I exercised 4 times last week (I got to run THREE times outside - YAY!). I still need to whittle back on sweets & concentrate on more fresh foods, too.
Here's hoping for continued improvement!

Arlene Grimm said...

I need to learn to make hummus...I really like it and it is good for you too! Always a plus. Enjoyed checking in with you this week. It motivates me to be more disciplined.

Mrs. Doug said...

I printed out the recipe for hummus. Joanna and I both love hummus on the baked corn chips. Although I'm not chewing anything right now... we are gonna try this the minute I can :)

You're doing really well... keep up the good work!

Mrs. D