Thursday, February 25, 2010

Small miracles

Back last fall, I cut off three beautiful blossoms from my hydrangea bush, with the intention of drying them. I stuck them in vases of water, though, in hopes that they'd keep their lovely color for a little while before they dried. Amazingly, they kept their color pretty well even after they dried. This one is the least blue of all three, but it's also the one that had a surprise for me today.
I had decided to clean out the vase it was in, with the thought of moving it to a smaller vase to use as a decoration on my hutch. When I pulled it out of the vase, this is what I discovered:
There was still some water left in there from months ago, and the hydrangea, which I thought was dead, had rooted itself. What a beautiful picture of the new life we can have in Christ! This little surprise blessed my heart today and I just had to tell all of you about it. :) I'm looking forward to planting it in the flower garden when spring comes!


Mrs.T said...

What a beautiful picture indeed, Carrie! Thank you so much for sharing this.

TwoMuths said...

that is great!! I did all this research this fall to try to figure out how to start hydrangeas and never found a definitive answer that didn't sound vvvvvvery complicated! :-) I think I could handle this method, for sure!!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing & for having such a wonderful application. I'm so looking forward to spring & the celebration of Easter. It is a great time to be grateful for & focus on our new life in Christ.
Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Doug said...

Wow! That's really cool. You've inspired me to go out and clip some frozen Forsynthia and see if I can force them to bloom.

True signs of spring!

Mrs. D

Anonymous said...

it's Christen... i gotta find out my password. I loved this story. SO cool! I have hydrangeas that keep popping up behind my huge cycad bushes...i moved the first one I'd found and thought I had killed it, but it pulled thru and it has leaves now, i'm so glad. I found another when I was weeding a few days ago. I'll wait till next Spring to move it. Amazing how they just keep on going once seeming to be dead!