Friday, July 10, 2009


Finally, after weeks and weeks of mostly rain, the past few days have been beautiful. Not too hot, or humid . . . just nice, perfect, sunny weather. We're loving it! Yesterday, Sam and Julia had their yearly checkups. Afterwards, we all went to the playground for a picnic and some fun playtime! The kids loved that, and I was able to get a few cute pictures. These were taken with our old camera (instead of our new-to-us DSLR that we've been taking most of our recent photos with), so the quality isn't as good, but I was still able to capture the joyful expressions on their faces! :)

Today has been kind of a lazy day here at home--the kids have been playing outside a lot (and caught another frog--the poor frogs and toads around here have been really traumatized lately!) and I've been finishing up a skirt that I started a while back. I'm hoping to include it in a Homemade Life post, later today or tomorrow--stay tuned! Tonight we are planning to take the kids to some fireworks in a nearby town. We haven't told them yet. I think Sam and Julia will be very excited! It will be interesting to see what Josiah thinks . . . he was too young to notice them last year.

Thanks to those of you who have taken a minute to vote for my photo! There's still time, if any more of you would like to! Last I checked, my photo had the same number of votes as one of the others, and then there was at least one that had 3 or 4 more votes than that, and a few others that had less. No matter whether I win or not, I was super excited to be a finalist. :) And actually, I should clarify--the actual picture was taken by Jim, but I'm the one who entered it . . . which I guess is why I keep referring to it as "my" photo . . . but it's really his. :) Also, I discovered that Flickr is actually part of Yahoo, so if you already have a Yahoo account, it's easy peasy to leave a comment; you just have to sign in with Yahoo.

Anyway . . . I suppose I should get busy around here and get something else done! Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday!

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