Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Please vote for my picture!!

I came across a little photo contest a couple weeks ago, and on a whim, entered this picture of my boys. I found out today that it's one of the finalists! They originally had over 100 entries, and narrowed it down to 23, so far. It sounds like they are going to pick a winner within the next two weeks, determined by which photo gets the most votes . . . so, if you'd like to do me a little favor, go to this link, click on my photo in the bottom row, and leave a comment as to why you think it should win (if you think it's worthy, of course! :)), or mark it as a favorite on Flickr. I think you have to have a Flickr account to leave a comment, but it should be pretty easy to quickly sign up. The prize is an iPod Nano, which would be pretty cool! :) Thanks, guys!

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