Monday, June 01, 2009

Works of God Monday

I have a couple things that I wanted to share for today's Works of God testimony! First (and this is one that I meant to share earlier, but time got away from me!), we are praising God that Sam trusted Jesus as his Savior two weeks ago!! He had been asking us questions about salvation for a couple of months, and on May 18th he started talking to Jim about it again, quite seriously. After talking for a while, Sam said he wanted to pray, but that he wanted to go in his room and do it "with nobody watching me." :) So he ran in his room, and we could hear him climbing up on his bed. After a minute or so he came back out, and Jim asked him what he prayed. He replied, "I said, 'Dear Jesus, I know I am a sinner. Please forgive me for my sins.' " We were so thrilled! We believe he understood what he was doing, with the simple faith of a child, and now we have the exciting work of discipleship ahead of us. :) We pray that we will see fruit in his life as he grows!

Another exciting thing (though not nearly so exciting as the first!) was that Jim sold his first bread slicer in his Etsy shop, nearly 3 weeks ago. That was really neat, but we were a little concerned that he hadn't received any feedback yet from the customer. (Although I know, as a customer, that it's easy to forget to leave feedback!) Anyway, I just checked again today and he had a very nice, positive comment from the customer, so that totally made my day. :) Hopefully some of the others will start selling before long! We are thankful that God knows just what we need, and that He sent us this bit of encouragement, out of the blue!

So, those are some things I'm praising God for today. To hear how God has been working in others' lives, head over to Jenny's blog!

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Gail said...

I am praising the Lord with you for Sam's salvation!!! I am just catching up on some blogs, so I just read this for the first time, but am so happy for you all! Keep up the good work with your kids and hopefully we can all get together soon for a luncheon!