Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Julia!!!

Today is my sweet little girl's third birthday! Julia is our bright, sunshiny chatterbox. Her current favorite color is purple, and she is very much into princesses. :) For weeks now, she has been requesting a "purple princess cake" for her birthday, so we are planning to concoct one for her party on Friday. Julia makes us laugh a lot. She is very expressive and dramatic (I guess maybe that is a trait of most girls!). She cries easily, especially when being reprimanded. She loves playing with her brothers and other kids, but is also very content to amuse herself. She loves being read to. She loves mac 'n cheese, pizza, and quesadillas. And cookies! She is quite adventurous, often getting into things she's not supposed to . . . and she is also quite accident prone. She has a tender heart and an overall sweet spirit. She is a special and beautiful gift from God. Happy birthday to you, precious Julia Anne!! We love you so much.


mindee said...

Happy Birthday, Julia!! :)

Mary Ann said...

What an adorable picture! Happy birthday to Julia! Good luck with the cake - I'm sure it will be great. How fun to have birthdays to celebrate :-)

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to Julia and a Happy Belated Birthday to Josiah;). I'm sure that her cake will be adorable.